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Stationery Hunting in Siam P. 1

Hello, everyone! Today is time to read a special blog from me SwiththeK on Since I’m a stationery blogger then the topic for today can’t be anything except a story of stationery but for this time I’m not going to review a stationery, I’m going to write about where you can find a stationery at Siam, the areas which have many shopping malls and I can say that this place is a heart of Bangkok. I choose this place to be an example for you all to see how many stores that sell stationery in Thailand. There will be 5 stores that I will talk about and most of them have many branches around Thailand, which are easy to you to go to the store that near yours place.

Somjai, Siam Kit Building 1st Floor.

Somjai is a Book and Stationery store, which is a Thai store that popular among student nowadays. This store is open for 50 years with a concept of high quality stationery in cheap price. Now, Somjai has 10 branches and this store still expands their shop more and more for providing more stationery.


I can say that Somjai sells everything that you can think about stationery, from ruler to a high-quality watercolor. I’m always going to this shop when I have a chance to go Siam because as I have mentioned this store is sold at a cheap price compared to others then many of the import stuff that really expensive is not available in this shop because it cost more money to buy a license which is against the concept of this store.


B2S, Central World 4th Floor.

B2S is the No.1 Book, Entertainment, and Stationery store in Thailand since 2011. This store owns by Central group and nowadays they have 101 branches around Thailand.


There are 60,000 things that have been selling at B2S not only the book but also many types of stationery. Some of the stationery is available only in B2S and it is not for every B2S have that stationery, for example, I buy a notebook that is sold at B2S, Siam but it doesn’t have this notebook at B2S, Mega Bang na, Samut Prakan. You have to have an intention to buy and a good fortune for buying some of the stationery but it is fun for me to go to many places to find what I’m looking for.


Muji, Central world, ZEN 5th Floor.

Muji is a Japanese store, which established in 1980. The name of the store means that ‘High-quality but no brand’. This store keeps the concept of high-quality stuff that comes in a minimal style but can use in many purposes for everybody. The product from this store is the same product that sale in Japan and I said that Muji has a minimal style which allows you to show your creativity to decorate it as your own style.


Muji sells many things, from the things that you use in daily life, household, stationery, furniture, and cosmetic. It sounds like Muji store is like a maze since it sells many kinds of things but actually this store is very organized and clean. I suggest you to visit this store to feel the real Japanese stuff, atmosphere, and to try stationery that is very high-quality and nice style in a cheap price.


This is only 3 of the store that I usually go for buying stationery there will be two more store that I’m going to review for next week. If you have a store or stationery from each store that you want to share with us just comment down below and…

If you try this stationery, trust me! You will become a stationery lover.


More details:

  1. Somjai Store
  2. B2S
  3. Muji


Sarita Kaewkamla

I'm Sarita Kaewkamla the owner of SwiththeK. Falling in love with stationery and...

If you try this stationery, trust me! You will become a stationery lover.

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  • Eriko Koko

    I’ve never been to Somjai Stationary store before. I like how they sell high quality stationary for cheap price which gives an opportunity for the student to buy them. For MUJI, I like the design. It is simple and easy to use. Can’t wait to read more review next week!

  • Mangpor Thongkampong

    These three stores are also where I usually go for buying stationary too! Never know that MUJI means ‘High-quality but no brand’ before.. that’s why all of their product look so minimal/simple :D Good to know these information.

  • SwiththeK

    Muji is like a paradise for a people who love minimal style. It is difficult for me to control myself when I’m shopping at Muji everything seem to be a thing that I really need in my life <3.

  • SwiththeK

    Thanks, and please stay tuned <3
    You should visit Somjai, it is a nice place to shopping a stationery in a cheap price and if you have a member card everything will be cheaper than you can imagine.

  • Natcha Chatthong

    I once visited Somjai at Saim when I was like 9th grade and at that time I was like it’s such a hugh stationary store. I didn’t know that they have like 10 branches I though they just have one store. But now I like MUJI more. All of my pen, pencil, and highlighter were brought from MUJI. Now, I become a stationery lover more than before :)

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  • SwiththeK

    Glad to hear that you become a stationery lover now :)

    Now, Somjai store trying to expand their branches, maybe we will hear a good news from them soon.

  • Amornrat Orutsahakij

    I’m also visited these 3 stationary stores very often because most of the childrens usually buy these things from these stores especially B2S it’s the biggest stationary stores in Thailand and they have everythings that you need. Especially for the colors they selling every shade of colors such as pens, maekers, color papers etc. But for me I love buying stuff from Muji because I love the way that they design it’s look beautiful in the way they are they don’t need much decorations they only have the plain pattern only. I love buying notebook and pens from Muji if you have use it once you will be in love with it for sure. Just like me that after I’m using it for the first time after that almost everytime I keep using this brand again and again.

  • Fooh Phutha

    I have to say that I am a stationery lover! I have visited all of those shops and B2S is my favourite one because there are a lot of branches and stationeries. However, I also like Somjai which is a Thai store that popular among student. The price is not expensive and there are various things. When you need some things, you can go to this stationary stores for buying the stationary. They have everything you want! For the Muji, I think it is a unique brand for me because it is a Japanese store and the atmosphere in there is quite Japanese style. In their store, they don’t have only stationary, but also other things, such as, clothes, furnitures, and makeup. However, if talk about the variety, I think that B2S and Somjai have a lot of things than Muji.