Sex on the beach – Thai beach style

Thailand Beach

Now that the holiday season in Thailand reaches it’s climax I thought it’s a good time to provide you with some information about Thai beach style. The chances that you will see thai people around the beach are now higher than during other times so don’t be surprised by the upcoming news.

Thailand Beach

Beach in Thailand

Mai Tai vs Sex on the beach

When it comes to beach outfits and dressing properly for the time at the ocean. No matter if ON the beach or IN the water. Most Thais (of course not everybody. Some have adapted our “normal western” behaviors of course) are afraid of showing to much of their skin. Especially people from the north or countryside are said to be even more aware of that. So if you see Thai people during your vacation on the beach and they wear shirts and shorts instead of swimming gear (bikinis, swimming shorts) – do not wonder. That’s “Thai style”.

Many Thais even feel a little uncomfortable when we foreigners run around half-naked. But since that is our “culture” they accept it and won’t complain – at least not in front of us.

So if you see Thai people wearing a lot of stuff, don’t make fun of it or don’t be surprised. It’s just their style. They are shy people and educated this way. On the other hand, if you see Thais with only little clothing, don’t be surprised too. Amazing Thailand. Both kinds have their home here :-)


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