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Seasons in Thailand | Thai weather

Most people think there are no real seasons in Thailand since it is always “warm and sunny” but that is in fact not the case. Thailand has seasons too. Different from those most people are used but still there are three seasons. Rainy Season, Winter Season and Summer Season.

Rainy Season: Usually the Monsoon comes from the Indian Ocean from north west. The Season lasts from about June to October. Just because it is rainy season it does not mean that it rains every single day but the humidity makes it feel hot and sticky. When the rain sets in it usually only takes seconds to flood roads and cause traffic jams everywhere.

Cool (Winter) Season: The cool season sets in when the northeast monsoon from central Asia comes across. Usually from November to February with relatively cool & dry conditions. Maybe the best time for tourists to visit Thailand.

Hot (Summer) Season: Between March and May, between the two monsoons, Thailand gets hot!  Really hot. It is by far the hottest time of the year and schools take a 2 months summer break.

Average temperatures and rainfall

In Bangkok and the Central Region there is an  average at about 200 mm monthly from May to October, and temperatures from 24°C to 32°C.

In the North and North-Eastern Regions rain averages at about 160 mm monthly and temperatures range from 23°C to 31°C.

During the Cool Season the average temperature drops to 21°C in the Central Region and 14°C in the North.

During the Hot Season the temperatures reach up  to high 30’s°C with the North-East being the hottest.

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