9 items to put into your Muay Thai gym bag

Ever since starting with Muay Thai my bag got bigger and more stuff has found it’s way in it. But you don’t need shoes or similar stuff you might ask, right? Right! But there’s quite a lot that should be in your gym bag when hitting the Muay Thai gym. Here some of the essentials.

1. Boxing Gloves

Kinda obvious but also kinda ‘unnecessary’ you might think. Most gyms have gloves that you can borrow, right? True. But when going more often do you really want to use the gloves others use all the time and sweat into? Exactly! Plus your own gloves will form around your hands which is really nice feeling compared to gloves that have been used by hundreds of others.

Ideally you would even have two different kind of gloves. Smaller ones (10 oz) for bag and pad work and a bigger pair (16 oz) for sparring. Some really good gloves can be found in one of the muay thai shops around BKK.

boxing gloves

2. Shin Guards

First I thought I don’t need that since there’s always a pair at the gym to borrow. But man, those never (!) fit or are super worn out so that they don’t really protect or fit anymore. Having your own shin guards actually helps a lot!

3. Head Gear

Once you’re going a bit more serious in terms of sparring head gear could be a great investment. Many of us aren’t full time fighters so bruises around the head are sometimes difficult to explain, being out with a concussion would be even worse though. So bring head gear and be safe.

4. Groin Protection

Just ask Buakaw.

buakaw groin kick


5. Mouth Guard

Super inexpensive. Saves lots of dentist bills. Jus take it with you.

6. Hand Wraps

Obvious choice that doesn’t take much space. Having your own wraps is, again, nicer than using the ones at the gym since it’s only your own sweat you’re dealing with ;-)

7. Athletic Tape

One of the best inventions for everyone doing sports. Tape. Holds you together when your body wants to give up (maybe you should thinking about some recovery time then) ;-)

8. Ankle Braces

They don’t only help you to not twist your ankle when doing kicks but also take away a bit from the force that comes with kicking others. Great investment.

9. Namman Muay

Muay Thai’s secret weapon. But be careful ;-)

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