Pizza Restaurant Il Bolognese Review

We all know that Pizza is life. There’s arguably no better food than pizza. It’s also an unfortunate truth that it’s not easy to find really good pizza in Thailand. On my quest to find the best Pizza I now have been to another Pizza place that claims to have ‘real’ Italian Pizza. Pizza Il Bolognese in the Sathorn area. Here’s my review.

Location & Atmosphere

The location is pretty easy to reach, once you know where you’re going. It’s rather close to BTS Chong Nonsi and also easy to reach by car. Parking around there shouldn’t be much of a problem. You do need to go down a dark-ish Soi (alley) though to reach your destination. Trust in google maps or the description you got from their facebook site and you’ll be fine. BTS to restaurant: 10 minutes.

The atmosphere is pretty relaxed and I like that the space is rather separated into different sections and corners which ensures that it’s not getting too noisy within the restaurant. You can sit inside and outside and on a huuuuuuge park bench which is just a nice prop for pictures.


The food choices are pretty nice and vary between classical Italian food (pizza, pasta) and Italian cuisine with some individual flavors / styles which sets it apart from places that only offer the ‘normal’ stuff. You could also get steaks etc. there but come on, it’s an Italian restaurant! Overall there aren’t too many choices but therefore you get presented with really good options.

You will also be presented with some nice Italian style bread, bread sticks and a small surprise starter which is a very nice touch.

The desserts are also pretty good. And that comes from someone who isn’t a real dessert guy.


The price is, as with most foreign food places, not cheap. Compared to other restaurants I tried you could even say it’s expensive. In my opinion it’s still worth it though as you usually leave full and happy.


The staff there is pretty nice overall and very quick to respond to requests and with serving you. The boss also seems to be around a lot and makes sure to at least talk a little bit to every guest that comes in. Nothing to complain about here, all good and nice.

Final thoughts

I’ve now been at Il Bolognese twice and haven’t regretted it either time. It’s a nice place, quiet, and delivers what one wants, good pizza / pasta. The price is a bit higher but Pizza is nothing that you eat here every day so it’s worth spending a bit more for a good experience.

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