Pizza Challenge – Finding a decent Pizza Place in Bangkok

This is not a ‘real’ blog post or article but more like an announcement. A recent twitter discussion between me and a friend of mine ended with many people interacting and coming to one conclusion: There is NO decent Pizza Place in Bangkok.

Seriously? The City of Angels. The Greatest City of all. Krung Thep Mahanakon. And NO decent Pizza Place??

[there is no need to talk about those pizza company %&[email protected] that serves pizza without real cheese but with ketchup]

Now, after already bringing sexual education into your living room we here at (funny how I speak from myself in the third person but I will take friends with me in this case of course) think it is our god given duty to go on the hunt for this one magic place, this culinary oasis in the middle of Ga Pow Moo and Pad Thai (what usually is awesome of course!) stands, the holy grail of food, the best Pizzeria in Bangkok. 

Starting this June we (!!) will provide you with names, addresses and relentless honest Pizza reviews from all across the City – or even the country. We will not rest until we found it.

(if you own a pizza place and you think you have what it takes to become a approved pizza place, drop us me a line and we’ll come at you give it a try and feature you here on as well as on

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