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OTOP – One tambon, one product

I still don’t know why they call it “tambon”. Maybe because they couldn’t find that word in a dictionary and so they thought “hey, let’s create a new word…”. Still think it sounds quite shitty, but whatever. Right now is OTOP time. The OTOP fair takes place from March 3 – March 9 and is place for all different kinds of products from all over Thailand.

While this makes perfectly sense for all Thai people I talked to, it is for me just another shopping fair. And unfortunately not a good one. But maybe I was expecting a little to much after hearing everybody talking about this “special fair”.

To wrap it up in short: Tambons seem to be kind of sub-districts (sorry if I make a mistake in explaining. I try my best here) and each of these sub-districts has one special product to sell. So you can see clothing shops, food shops, souvenir shops…so, as I told you, for me it is just another (small) fair. Compared to the Thung Sri Muang festival or other markets that happend at the same place, the OTOP fair has not that much to offer. Nevertheless there is a stage with some performances. So at least entertainment is present. Somehow ;-)

OTOP FAIR is held every March
OTOP FAIR is held every March

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