ONE Championship: Warriors of the World – Results & Review

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Once again it was time for Bangkok to play host to ONE Championship’s impressive Martial Arts event. The card looked good even though we didn’t see ONE’s marquee star, Angela Lee, this time around, we still had a championship fight and lots of fights with Thai fighters in it to look forward to.

Fight results first, event review at the end. 


Fighters in the prelims don’t fight in front of a big audience as people seem to be too lazy to come on time but therefore they still got an elaborate entrance unlike in other promotions.

Tang De Pan vs. Asraful Islam

Tang De Pan came out swinging from the bell and didn’t give Islam any chance to get into the fight at any time. Islam looked terribly outmatched here and Tang De Pan even started to throw lots of ‘spinning shit’ (thx John Wayne Parr for coining that term). Tang De Pan finished things rather quickly then and got the applause of all 20 people in attendance (rather sad that nobody wants to watch prelims).

Winner: Tang De Pan

Kritsada Kongsrichai vs. Rabin Catalan

First Thai fighter of the night and what a start he had. Kritsada showed lots of pressure from the start and took Catalan with his wrestling abilities to the ground and then rained elbows from hell from mount onto his opponent until he had to tap out to elbow strikes. The first round finish club likes to thank Kritsada for his work tonight! Can’t defend those hellbows.

Winner: Kritsada Kongsrichai

Yodsanan “Little Tyson” Sityodtong vs. Dodi Mardian

The second Thai fighter, the first one with quite some name value. Little Tyson is already 43 and a former boxing world champion who transitioned rather late into MMA but has been looking good ever since he did so. Last time I saw him he got his ass handed in the beginning and almost his arm broken with an armbar but fought through and then put the beating on his opponent. This time….was completely different. Mardian did not stand a chance at all and Yodsanan chased him around the cage for a bit until the most basic combo of all, jab – punch, beautifully connected and ended the fight for good. The first round finish club also welcomes Yodsanan and thanks him for his work this evening.

Winner: Yodsanan Sityodtong


Sagetdao Petpayathai vs. Jimmy Yabo

And Thai fighter number three on the card. One of the rising stars in the promotion and just like his fellow country men before he remembered that he’s not getting paid by the hour and decided to finish things early. Start, circling, clinch. Knee, knee, knee, knee…..Lumphini stadium feeling…oooyeeeeeeee…..knee, knee, kneeeeeeee. KO! Welcome to the first round finish club.

Winner: Sagetdao Petpayathai

Xiong Jing Nan vs. April Osenio

Xiong came out trails blazing and showed Osenio who’s the boss in the cage. Eventually she got a submission hold on Osenio who managed to break free but as soon as she was standing again, Xiong took to her once more with even more pressure and forced the stoppage. Good showing. Osenio hasn’t been herself in quite a while it seems.

Winner: Xiong Jing Nan

Rika “Tiny Doll” Ishige vs. Rome Trinidad

Rika is the ‘chosen’ one, the ‘cute’ Thai poster girl who should help promote ONE here in Thailand. I’m not really the biggest fan of her as I don’t really like her ‘cutie’ approach since it looks rather fake and I think there are others who are better fighters but I have to admit that she keeps improving and always keeps showing lots of heart. This time Trinidad started a bit better but Ishige always countered right away and eventually managed to take Trinidad down. It looked a bit awkward when she tried to reach mount what didn’t work out and then she had an armbar in but had to let go. Nevertheless she kept pushing and eventually ended things with a nice RNC.

Winner: Rika Ishige

Dejdamrong “Kru Rong” Sor Amnuasirichoke vs. Riku Shibuya

Kru Rong is a legend in Thailand but unfortunately he hasn’t been himself as of late. Ever since he lost his title to Naito he seems to struggle. Same in this bout. Standing up there aren’t many who can go with Kru Rong but that’s why everybody tries to take him down and as soon as Shibuya had him down you could see him struggle. So it’s no wonder that this also ended in the first round with a Guillotine Choke.

Winner: Riku Shibuya

Christian Lee vs. Kotetsu Boku

Boku looked scary. Lee, the brother of ONE prodigy Angela Lee, looked ripped as always. The fight started well for Lee who kept pushing from the get go. He took Boku down a few times who then always managed to break free. Lee then seemed to have enough and took a page out of Brock Lesnar’s book and supplexed Boku right onto his neck, followed up with an elbow to the head and that was that.

Boku had to be carried out by medics and I really hope he’s alright.

Winner: Christian Lee

Shannon Wiratchai vs. Rasul Yakhyaev

Wiratchai came, as always, out with an elaborate, playful, entrance. And that was the best thing about the whole fight. The Thai poster boy who’s got the whole marketing power of ONE behind him showed the most lackluster fight of the evening. His opponent, Yakhyaev found himself on the better end from the early beginning and didn’t have much to do to stay ahead. Highlight of the bout was the yellow card by the referee to both fighters for inactivity. That fight was seriously the worst MMA fight I have seen in quite a while. Tyron Woodley fights are the epitome of excitement in comparison. Wiratchai should be suspended because he took the day off today. #disappointed

Winner by decision: Rasul Yakhyaev

Yoshitaka Naito vs. Alex Silva

Finally a real fight! Naito, who came in to the Doraemon soundtrack, faced a really well prepared Silva in this bout who threw leg kicks en masse during the firs three rounds. Naito didn’t really know what to do and it looked like he also didn’t want to rely on his ground game as Silva is said to be a BJJ god. The first three rounds therefore went to Silva for demonstrating decent stand up game. Naito, realizing he’s behind, started to try harder in round 4 and taking Silva down once without any real outcome though. In round 5 both then tried hard to not let it go to the score cards with Naito getting more in while grappling on the ground. Eventually that late comeback wasn’t enough though and so the last words we heard in Impact Arena Bangkok were: AND NEW!

Winner by decision and new straw weight champion: Alex Silva!

Warriors of the World Event Review:

As always ONE is doing a great job putting out hype videos and acting like it is Asia’s UFC. The problem is that, at least in Thailand, Martial Arts isn’t that much of a big deal yet even though, in my opinion, it’s much more exciting (unless it’s Shannon Wiratchai fighting like he did on this card) than many Muay Thai fights. The arena was, at best, 2/3 filled. However, Impact Arena is the biggest Arena around so that’s a big goal to sell it out. One can only hope that Thais start to appreciate Martial Arts more as time moves on.

The event itself lasted quite long, as always and I understand that they have to wait for the TV channels to give them the go with the main card. Those hype videos in between however were a bit too much. They hyped Shannon Wiratchai as the next Martial Arts Messiah which seemed to have finally caught up with him. Similarly with Rika Ishige. I find it a bit unfair that the promotion picks a few fighters and then pushes them over the others – especially if they are not champions.

Move of the night was probably Christian Lee’s insane supplex KO. Let’s hope he’ll live up to all the hype and will stay grounded.

Live Tweets from the fight

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