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Non-Immigrant Working Visa

I am the proud owner of a Non-Immigrant Working Visa that allows me to stay in Thailand for one year and work here. Great. Paid quite some money for it and thought it saves me any other trouble….oh yeah, how naive!

1.) Even though the Non-Immigrant Working Visa is valid for one year, you still have to leave Thailand every 90 days in order to not become an illegal alien here. Why? Well…just because (I won’t dare to say that this is just to make money with foreigners…..).

2.) My Visa expires in a few days so I went to the immigration office to extend it. Now they told me that it does not expire on the date it shows, it expires on the date, the stamp of my last entry to Thailand shows. This means: I went to Laos last month so I could, theoretically, stay for another 90 days. My visa expires next month but due to my visit to Laos I can extend not now, but in two month (only 30 days before you have to leave the country).

I know this sounds confusing, but try to understand. The Non- Immigrant Working Visa does – as at it now appears to me – does not have anything to mean. Except getting money from foreigners.

All under the assumption that the lady at the immigration office told me the truth of course.

Sascha Funk

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