No, that’s not just a Swastika – Thailand’s Nazi Problem

“Hitler is my inspiration”

No, that’s not me the weird German speaking, that’s a quote of one of my (3rd year, bachelor) students on instagram. And she’s not alone with that.

Thailand has a Nazi problem. It’s not that lots of Aryan looking Thais (surprise) are running around with their right hand raised (well, some actually are) but more the fact that statements like the one made above are quite common here (and in other parts of Asia).

nazi thailand

Obviously I do understand that this picture shows a movie poster – nevertheless it’s a bit weird to post that on your door, isn’t it? (and I didn’t want to post any of those other pics on my website). If you want to see the ‘real’ bad stuff, check out this tumblr.

To add a bit more fuel to the fire. Check out what happened at the graduation of THE most famous University in Thailand.

Chula Hitler Nazi Thailand

It’s bad enough that students would come up with such a back drop for their graduation pics but that no professor (at the MOST FAMOUS UNI of the country) realized that ‘mistake’ is actually a joke.

As if this wasn’t enough, some minisitry here (quite likely the educational minisitry) promoted a short image film in which school children would draw Hitler. Yes, that Hitler. (check: Thai school kids draw Hitler).

And the list goes on (e.g. Nazi march in Chiang Mai, etc.).

Thailand does not understand “Nazi”

Everyone who ever read something about WWII (or watched Indiana Jones) knows that Nazis have been assholes. They dreamed of a white supremacy and thought all other races are inferior to their own. So why would anyone who is, obviously, not white (with blonde hair, blue eyes, as fast as greyhounds, as tough as leather and as hard as Krupp steel) feel a connection to the Nazis? There is no arguing about it. They would have killed you, you celebrate them. What the arian fuck?

Below now a few explanations that Thai people gave when they tried to explain why Nazi symbols are so famous here.

“The Nazi sign looks cool”

So what? I say it once more: They would have killed you. Think again.

“I don’t know what it means”

Exactly! That’s the problem. Would you just put some random symbol on you body, door, car, etc. without knowing what it means? Why would you do that?

swastika nazi thailand

Education people! Again I wouldn’t necessarily only blame the student here since he probably never learned about it in school (hello Thai education) but still, if you ‘like’ something you should definitely  know what it means – no matter if you learned about it or not. Use the internet for the Fuehrer’s sake.

“Swastika is nothing bad! It’s something good.”

Next one who says that to me gets an arian fist to the temple. swastika nazi thailand

I have no idea if ‘sawasdee ka’ really comes from ‘swastika’ but that even might be the case as stated by a Thai professor above. The mention of this special Swastika (“Hakenkreuz” in German) sign not being related to the Nazis however is invalid as proven by the picture below.
swastika nazi thailand

So please, Thailand, get this stuff straight and get rid of the admiration for one of the worst people and groups in all of human history.

And btw I’m quite sure someone else would have come up with the Autobahn without the Nazis.



Update: Since I received quite a few (quite insulting & personal) messages telling me that I’d only be some %*^&# farang who exaggerates and shouldn’t think that his values have any meaning here (see some of the comments below) I’m simply adding a few pics from all over Thailand. Without any further comment.

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