The new Yokkao Muay Thai Gym in the middle of Bangkok

Update: Due to recent news that emerged in regards to Yokkao’s business tactics and behavior I can no longer recommend this place wholeheartedly. My experience there stands as below, but knowing what was said in the article about how they are doing business is simply not ok. Read the article about Yokkao’s Business Tactics here.

Right after publishing the list of some of the best Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok I had the chance to visit another one that will definitely make it onto the next edition of this list. It’s newly opened gym with big name behind it. Yokkao. Everybody who’s into Muay Thai probably knows Yokkao as a brand and many of us wished to own Yokkao gear (dear Santa…). Now Yokkao opened a gym quite centrally located in the heart of Bangkok.

Yokkao Muay Thai Gym Bangkok

With 500 THB / drop in session (cheaper when you buy packages) Yokkao is certainly not among the cheap gyms but in this case you get what you pay for. The teachers (led by Kru Manop) are really (!) good and able to give you advice and correct you on the fly by showing you how and what to do in ways that are easy to understand.

As with most Muay Thai gyms you get at least 4 rounds on the pads with the coach and then can do some heavy bag work on your own. Before you can run with the fighters and do some rope skipping and stretching to warm up. Followed by some shadow boxing before it gets serious.

The facilities at Yokkao Muay Thai gym are super new and really good. Nothing to complain about. It’s a joy to sweat and train there. Even the showers, usually the weak point of a Muay Thai gym here, are well maintained. The only negative aspect I encountered: Mosquitos everywhere! But once you put the Namman Muay on that’s not a problem anymore ;-)

In addition to the great trainers and friendly staff at the location you could also schedule training sessions / seminars with world class fighters such as Saenchai or Singdam Chanajo. Great possibilities and probably more or less once in a lifetime opportunities for most foreign nak muay.

Moreover they also have a nice shop there so if you feel like buying some quality Muay Thai gear, that’s the place to do so. Even though I just bought lots of gear in one of my favorite Muay Thai shops I’m thinking about adding something more to my collection.  Especially that ‘think outside the box’ shirt they stock is really cool!

Overall there’s nothing more to say than Yokkao Saenchai Gym Bangkok is an awesome place for every nak muay in and around Bangkok and I’m torn between keeping it a secret and letting everybody know ;-)

I’ll be there again soon – maybe you too!

[pictures via Yokkao Facebook page)

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