Facts about the funeral of King Bhumibol in October 2017

It has been almost one year since the passing of King Bhumibol on 13th October 2016. As he was arguably Thailand’s most beloved King in recent history the outcry and sadness was felt everywhere. By now millions of people might have visited is final resting place at the Grand Palace in Bangkok to pay their final respects. As we’re closing in on the one year mark of this sad event the day of the cremation of King Bhumibol is coming closer. There are a few questions out there in regards to what will be happening during this time. Here are some answers to those questions.

Facts in regards to King Bhumibol’s passing

  • The official passing day of King Bhumibol is a a new public holiday: October 13.
  • The Grand Palace will be open for the people until September 30.
  • The funeral process will take place between October 25 – 29 2017.
  • Cremation will be on Thursday, 26th October 2017. This is now also a public holiday.
  • The Grand Palace will be closed from October 1 – 29 2017. It will open again on October 30.
  • Procession rehearsal at Sanam Luang will be on October 7th, 15th, 21st. Be prepared when entering the area.
  • The Royal Crematorium will open to the public from November 1 – 30, 7am – 10pm.
  • The BTS skytrain will be free on October 26. On 25 & 27 the extensions from On Nut – Samrong and Wongwian Yai – Bang Wa will be free.
  • The BRT service will be free from October 25 – 27.
  • Lots of roads around the Sanam Luang area will be closed during the rehearsals on October 7, 14, 21 as well as during the funeral ceremony itself until October 29.
  • Tesco Lotus Supermarkets to Close at 2pm on Cremation Day
  • CP owned shops (True, Fresh Mart, 7-11) will close between 2 and 3 pm until midnight on the 26th.
  • Emporium, EM Quartier and Big C remain open
  • Most “Central” malls will close in the afternoon with exception of Central World and Central Rama 2. Lots of shops within the malls will be closed though.



If you got any specific questions in this regard, feel free to shout out and we will try to respond as fast and accurate as possible. 

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  • May Chiranakorn

    This article is totally beneficial! It helps not only Thai people to conceive the schedule but also lets the foreigners know how to behave appropriately and what will be happening during the the royal cremation as well. I am so surprised know that the BTS skytrain and The BRT service will be free! Even I am Thais who uses lots of social media, I had not received this news before. Thanks for the information:-)

  • No worries and thanks for your comment as well! :)

  • Jenny Philomena

    Wow, there is so much useful iformation in this blog! I had no idea about any of the events that will take place in the future. Thank you so much, I was planning to take my mom there and now I know that I need to hurry since the Grand Palace will only allow visits until the 30th of this month! Thank you again!!

  • Fin Kasi

    I can’t believe it’s almost been one year since our beloved king passed. It’s nice that we have additional holidays, but I miss King Bhumibol so much. Thank you for the quick facts/ list of events for the following month. It’s really a useful and simple way of understanding the events in regards to his passing.

  • No worries. Plan lots of time when going there. I’m at Tha Phra Chan on Saturdays and traffic gets really really bad by now as more and more people now hurry to pay their respects.

  • Time flies! Thanks for your comment and I hope everybody will be fine during the upcoming cremation period.

  • Cindy Apichaya Pattanasirimong

    Almost one year time flies so fast. I will tell my mom to avoid the route that near Sanam Luang. Because it will so much traffic jam and close the road for the ceremony. Thank you for the information. It’s very useful.!!! :)

  • Ben Benyapa

    Good article! when i read this article i have to tell my parents and some of my friends because at Grand Palace will be closed and some of them maybe don’t know that. Also has the cremation around there which maybe cause traffic jam. This facts are many useful for me, it has some of the events that i don’t know before. Thanks for useful article!!

  • Kana Matsushita

    I feel really honored to experience this kind of event actually in Thailand. I did not even know the King passed away two months ago when I just arrived to Thailand. This article is very useful and helpful for me to understand the cultural things in Thailand.

  • Catty Methayanunt

    Time flies so fast, since our King has passed..
    Actually i didn’t know the exact date of the
    closing palace and the funeral process. Surprisingly, the BTS skytrain and BRT service will be free on those week too so i can go to the cremation day via BTS because i’m sure the roads will be close on that day.
    Thanks for spreading the important information! it’s really useful for Thai people and foreigners as well.

  • Ginni Kiatfuengfoo

    We still have a lot of sadness in our heart and miss our King Bhumipol even it is already one year since he passed. This month could be the most memorial month for all of Thai people. I have already heard that we will have many days of for us to have the opportunity to engage the ceremony and pay respect to our beloved King, but I didn’t know such details that The Grand Palace will be close for a month, the roads will be close and The public transportation such as BTS and BRT shall be free and that would be great for all Thai people to have more easier choices to travel there to Sanam Luang. Thanks for your infomation!

  • Warisa Yuktanantana

    This article is beneficial for those who interested in going to the event. On the cremation day, I am sure that there will be tons of people. Not only Thai people but also foreigners. Even though our King passed a year ago, everyone still missing him and it will be forever.

  • Jade Maciag

    It has already been one year but Thai people all felt like it was yesterday. During the past year, everyday, thousands of people have been the Grahd Palace to visit His Majesty’s funeral. I have been there one week before the closing date (30th september 2017) and I’ve learned a lot by waiting from 11 am to 11 pm to get to pay respect to our King Rama IX. Even if I have been waiting for 12 hours , as well as other people, nobody has said a word expressing any complaints or fatigue. It is amazing what His Majesty has done for us Thai people in the past, and it is also amazing how much we love our King.

  • Amornrat Orutsahakij

    This is such a good article! There’re many things that I have to find out about the schedule thing by thing at the same time. Even my parent also need to find out about these thing. Your article includes so many things that useful. Thank you so much for gather all information that accurate into this website! :) I will save this link to my favorite one!

  • Ling Kanyanat

    Thank you for your information! There are so many articles about these facts but some of them are not the same and it starts to confuse me. This article is simple and clear so it benefits me a lot. Knowing these important information is necessary for Thai people and foreigners who are in Thailand in order for us to behave correctly in this situation.

  • Jinjuta Akkharawisutcharoen

    It has been one year already that our beloved King has passed. Thank you for sharing this to us. It’s very helpful for me and others to know what will happen in this month. And It is also beneficial for foreigners who come to visit Thailand to behave properly in this situation.

  • Eve Supmee

    Nice article, this will be helpful to foreigners and many people who doesn’t know about these things yet. For example, like Tesco lotus and 24/7 will be closed on the cremation day and loads that will be closing on that day too. In order to avoid misunderstanding, this article is very good. And I’m so glad that you as a foreigner understand the situation well.

  • Tim Saensupho

    thank for sharing this story it is very interesting topic to read and it does warm up my heart a little since you are forienger teacher but willing to write about thai beloved king in your blog… very graceful to read this one.

  • Alisa Sriyapai

    this is a good article. This month is the most sadness month. This is completely one year that our King Bhumibo has be passed away. In this 26th October will be the last time that Thai people will go and respect Our king as the last time. So most of the companies have been close in that time. Your information is every useful for Thai people and foreigner.

  • Peach Sawangcharoen

    Thank you for sharing this information.I still can’t believe that this is real. Everything went very fast, a year already but feel like yesterday. I still miss him a lot everyday. Please take him back :(

  • Ryu Kangsachit

    This article not only lets foreigners and many people know about all the informations, but it also lets the world know how huge loss that Thai people are dealing with. Thank you for letting the world knows what we are truly feel.

  • Wanthida Tiwari

    Thailand has been dawned by a blanket of sorrow and grief after the passing away of the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. after a year of mourning, He will finally be resting in peace. The closing of various leisure hubs and government facilities is a greta move to show respect to the Late His Majesty. May he rest in peace.

  • Meena Pechmongkol

    Thank you for let the foreigner know about our beloved king. I can’t believe that It happen. He work for our country for 70 years. He is the king of kings. The things that I believe that Thai people do for oue beloved King is follow is guide which is try to do your best.