my thai dictionary

this is a collection of some thai words i came across during my time here. since dictionaries and ojjjther ressources often cover non essential words or words in strange writing styles I thought I simply put my own dictionary online. Maybe it is from some help for you guys!

table dto
pen pakka
book nangseu
intersection yaaek
circle / roundabout wong wien
park sa naam
turn left liaao sai
turn right liaao khwa
go straigt deen toong
milk nom
food a-harn
eat gin
like chob
love rak
read aan
mango mamuang
happy kamsuk
fun sanook
mangosteene mangkhut
to eat food gin khaao
someday good ban dai
where did you go? khun bei nei ma
i went to chan bei ti
teaching soon
tuesday wan ankhan
mars ankhan
moon pra chan
like chob
play len
kiss joob
want tong-kan
no mai
haircut dut pom
hairdresser ran dut pom
empty mot leao
beautiful suey
teacher kru
cute, lovely narak
mirror gra johk
week sap da / sud sap da
have you eaten? gin kao rieng
dirty sok ka prok
not happy mai mee kwamsuk
follow tidtam
know roo
letter jodmay
song pleng
family krobkrua
mountain phookkhow
amazing mahadjasan
land of smile sayam myang yim
notebook sa mood
book nhang sue
hotel rong ram
guide muk-ku-ted
handsome teacher kru lhor
just kidding lo len
OMG pon leaoo
sea thale
river menam
beach ha sai
shoes rong tow
face noa
understand kao jai
look moong
but te
hangover mau

when mue a-rai
what a-rai
why tum mai
what time ve-la tow-rai
what time gee mong
now don ni
what time is now? don ni gee mong
where ti nei
what for pue a.-rai
how rang yai
how to do? tum yang nai / rai
who krai
how much / many tow rai
how many people gee kon
is that right took mai
not right mai took
right took
you know kun roo mai
how are you sabai dee mai
fine sabai dee
and you laeo kun la
say it again pood ik ti
listen fang
stand up yuen kuen
come here ma ni
please come with me ma gap pom
do you speak english? kun pood passat angrit dai mai khrap
what is the meaning of this word? kam ni bleh wa-arai
kill ka
bus rot meh / rot prajamtang
ambulance lot payawan
left sai
go straight bai dang sai
where is ti nai
how long nan tow rai
ticket office hung dua
when where you born? kun goed muea a-rai
whats the matter goed a-rai kuen
how to say (no things) pood wa a-rai / passat thai pood wa yang nai

lonely gnao
cold nao
but dae
yesterday muea wan
because praw wa
with gap
my kong pom
if ta
polite supaah
you are bpen

yes tschai
no mei
please ko
thank you khop khun khrap
youre welcome jin di
sorry ko toht
excuse me ko a pei
hello sawadee khrap
hey wadee khrap
where are you going? bpei mei?
where do you come from? bpei mei mah?
did you have lunch? gao ry jang
good night rah-dtri sawad
how are you? sabei di mei?
good, how are you? sabei di khrap, laeo kun la
my name is pom tschy
very pleased jin di ti dai ry djak
see you later diao pop gan mei
goodbye lah gon
see you soon dje gan na

what a nice day ah-gaht di na
it is very hot today wan ni ron djang
it is very cold today wan ni nao mahk
Where are you from? kun mah djak nei
where are you going to? dja bpei nei
what are you doing? gam-lang tan a-rei ju
do you like it here? tschop ti ni mei?
I like it very much chop ti ni mahk
whats its name? an ni riak wah a-rei
can i take a picture of you? tai roop (khun) dai mei?
that is nice, isnt it? nan sya na
that wa just a joke put len chei chei

are you here on vacation? khun ma ti ni pak pon ry blao
i am here for tschan mah ti ni mah…
holidays pak pon
business travel tam-tu ra
studies suk-se
how long do you stay? khun dja mah pak ti ni nahn tau-rei
I am here for (4) days / weeks mah pak ti ni (si) wahn / ah-tit
sweet wan
speak put
little noi
monk prah
i am fine pom sabai dee
i love you pom rak kun
i love thai pom rak patthe thai
i love students pom rak nakrean
spicy ped
mountain phukao
sock thung tao
sweets kanom whan
gifts khwong Kwan
lazy kee gied
tall sung
lovely narak
sea thale
river menam
beach ha-sai
shoes rongtow
face naa
from jak
tears namta
heart huajai
special pise
give hai
headache phuad hua
whiskey lao
milk nom
stomacheache phuad thung

marn do nar gin jang
pom tong kan nam sake kaew
pom hew kaw i am hungry
raew ta kun up to you
pai tiaw kan mai want to go on tour?
moho angry

no thank you mai dong khop khun khrap
sorry koh tot
sorry (when other angry) se a jay
do you understand? kow chai mai
understand! kow chai
not understand mai kow chai
slowly please scha scha noi
louder please dung dung noi
what did you say? wa a-rai na / wa yang nai
sorry i can not understand you koh tot khrap pom mai kow chai
what do you mean? kun mai quam wa a-rai / kun mai tueng a-rai
be quite ni-yap ni-yap noi
silent ni-yap
read aahn
speak pood
attention dang chai
what is your name kun chue a-rai
down long
sit down nang long
can you come with me kun ma gap pom dai mai khrap
who is abstent today? wan ni kad krai bang? / krai mai ma
do not touch me ham chap / ja chap
where can i take a bus pom chak kuen rot mah dai ti nei
minibus songteaw
right cua
straight drong
where is central central yu drong nai
how far glai tow rai
ticket dua
where is the ticket office please? hong kai dua yu drong nai
good luck chock dee
how to say (things) riak cua a-rai
confused sub son
duem drink

i will tscha!


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  • Paytong Pharima

    Very useful to the foreigner who want to learn Thai words in daily life!

  • Oh god I completely forgot that we have this post here on :D We definitely have to update that and make it look better. Thanks for stumbling across it :)

  • Machima Anantanasan

    Oh! I think this blog is very useful for foreigners who want to know basic words in Thai or who want to come to travel, maybe separating the English words from the Karaoke might be easier for readers to read. BUT overall you got a good job at collecting Thai word :)

  • Haha, thanks for the comment. Totally forgot that we got this post on here. Definitely have to make it visually more pleasing now :)

  • Arinrada Boonarchathong

    I think this Thai dictionary is good for foreigners and tourist. It contain a lot of basic words that normally use in everyday life. By the way, I found one or two that have only karaoke but have no English words. I hope you are going to update this blog soon! :D

  • Pichchapak Sukkhe

    OH! I’m glad to read this page. I’m happy to see you interested in Thai’s language and I think foreigners can use almost all of these words in daily life while living in Thailand. I hope you to learn it more and share it frequently.