Muay Thai Gear: Quicksilver Backpack

Sawadee Krub fellow Nak Muays! I finally bought a new backpack which fits my needs in terms of accommodating my work equipment (laptop) and Muay Thai equipment. It took quite a while to find the right backpack so I figured I simply share it here since all the articles I read about Muay Thai bags mostly showed duffle bags or backpacks that wouldn’t have the option to add shin guards.

I used to be a big Dakine fan and had 3 or 4 of their backpacks in a row. Mostly the 25/26 L versions. I liked them since they had the skateboard straps on the outside which enabled me to clip my shin guards to the outside of the bag. However my last Dakine backpack only lasted for about eight months (the quality really seemed to have decreased) so I figured I have to find something else.

Having googled and searched the web and all those MMA & Muay Thai websites I wasn’t really satisfied so I kept looking further until I came across a Quicksilver backpack that also had board straps and seemed to be big enough to fit all my stuff.

What’s my stuff? Well for work it’s only my 15″ laptop and a charger (and dongles, thx Apple!) and for Muay Thai it’s 2 pairs of shorts, a pair of boxing gloves (atm 12 oz), 3 shirts (yeah, really), a small towel, wraps, ankle braces + a shirt for the ride in the freaking cold public transport + shin guards that I can add to the outside. And there’s still space left. It’s actually a 32 L bag which I really like since the 25/26 L was always completely packed but that new one now has still some room to give. So overall I’m quite happy with my new bag and I don’t even get money for saying that (hey Quicksilver, change that! ;-)).

Which bags do you use?

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