Muay Thai for beginners – how to start & what do you need?

After having posted quite a lot about Muay Thai here on I received lots of questions from readers who said ‘that all looks cook, but I could never do that, it’s too scary’. With this article I try to give you some insights and information in regards how to start Muay Thai training and highlight that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Let’s jump right into it!

Muay Thai = Fighting. Fighting is scary.

Well, fighting obviously can be scary, however not everybody who trains Muay Thai actually plans on actually fighting and gyms and trainers obviously know that. Hence when you’re intentions are more focused towards staying / getting fit, trainers will train you accordingly. There’s no need to feel scared or intimidated when going to a Muay Thai gym, even though the sounds of fighters smashing pads might sound a bit off putting at first. Also real fighters are mostly quite humble, especially here in Thailand. Don’t be afraid, everybody’s usually rather happy to pass on some Muay Thai knowledge. Just go for it!

I have no experience, I will suck

Yeah :P That’s like with everything that you do for the first time, isn’t it? ;-) However while Muay Thai is very complex to master, doing some first steps into the right direction is not that difficult and with the help of a good trainer definitely possible within your first training session. Every coach is able to teach you the basics steps from scratch so there’s no need to worry about not having any background knowledge. Everybody’s gotta start at some point, right? Usually you’ll be able to throw a few punches, kicks and elbows after your first session, which feels really good and is a great way to let out all that anger :-)

I don’t have any Muay Thai gear

No problem, you don’t need any. Gyms usually have gloves and hand wraps for students to borrow so that’s no excuse at all and while people who train Muay Thai more seriously will start wearing muay thai gear and bring their own gloves, that’s nothing you need for the beginning. Just bring some sports outfit (shorts, shirt) and you’re good to go. Don’t try to find more excuses! :P

Where do I find a good Muay Thai gym?

Either here on the list of the best muay thai gyms in Bangkok (you’re welcome) or you simply join the Bangkok Muay Thai Meetup group if you’re not comfortable going all alone and go with a few other newbies. Sharing excitement ;-)

What does it cost?

That obviously depends on the gym but the average is probably somewhere between 400 and 500 THB per session. The fancy gyms might charge you even more though. Really depends on what you are expecting and looking for. Fancy gym doesn’t always equal better trainers though, just saying.

What should I be looking for?

Again, just like above, that really depends on what you’re looking for. If you ask me, I would suggest to look for a gym that’s not all that fancy, located in shopping mall or office complex. Chances are those places are more shine than quality. I would look for a gym that has sportive people training there and that isn’t always that crowded so that I know that the coaches would have time to work with me. Also don’t be afraid of the language barrier, most coaches speak a bit of English and body language goes a long way. Communication has never been a problem so far.

That should cover most questions beginners have, I assume. Did I forget anything? Shout out in the comments or over there on FB and I’ll get back to you asap! 

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