Moon, Smile & Platoo Hua Hin [restaurant review]

When you’re getting hungry in Hua Hin and you’re around the main tourist area you are likely to pass Moon, Smile & Platoo. It’s located right in the heart of the old town and close to the walking street right off the sidewalk. There are a few restaurants that all look quite similar and Moon, Smile & Platoo is one of them. The second but last one to be precise.


The location is quite good. Easy to find and to access (as mentioned in the intro). As easy as it gets in Hua Hin.


The food here is ‘ok’. It didn’t make me go ‘woah that’s really good’ but also got nothing much to complain. It was rather ‘boring’ in terms of taste. It didn’t taste terrible but also not very exciting. Just ok.


The price is ‘normal’ compared to other restaurants right next to it. Around 100 THB for basic Thai dishes. Western dishes cost more. Holiday prices.


The service was also ‘ok’. Nothing much to add here. No big complaints but also not very friendly or caring. Just ‘normal’.

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