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Mochit 2, Bangkok – The bitch among all bus terminals.

There are many bus terminals all over Thailand and even within Bangkok there are more than one. But there is only one bus terminal that can be described as crazy, weird, adventurous and / or dangerous. The bitch. Mochit 2.

mochit 2, bangkok bus station chatuchak - Khampaeng Pet
mochit 2, bangkok bus station chatuchak - Khampaeng Pet

When you take the bus to Bangkok from the northern part of Thailand you are very likely to end up at Mochit 2. Most of you tourists are very likely to follow the next best tuk tuk or taxi guy and pay way to much money for a very short way. Besides throwing out to much money you even miss the chance to the see the biggest bus bitch in action. So here is my advice: Do not take a taxi, tuk tuk or motorcycle. Try to find the way to the domestic bus terminal or try to walk to the next MRT station (if you know how to go, it is not even that far).

When you walk around Mochit 2, or if you are trying to buy a ticket there for the same day, and are trying to find your right bus station, you will experience a completely different way of organizing things than in Europe or the western world at all.

At Mochit 2 it is always noisy, people are screaming all the time. Destinations, pick up areas, prices, random bullshit, lost baggages etc etc…It�s even more crazy when you don�t speak Thai (like me during my first visits) since everything sounds kinda panic-like.

Mochit 2 consists of different levels, like an Airport. The busses with northern destinations leave from the ground floor, the busses with destinations in the North-East (Isan) leave from the second floor (which is actually the third floor since the arrival area is named ground floor).

Despite that there are basically no signs in English but therefore millions of signs in Thai leaving even Thai people totally confused.

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