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Mayweather vs. McGregor – Starting time in Thailand & where to watch

This is less of an article but more of a simple PSA. If you’re into fighting (Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing, whatever) you are probably interested to watch the fight (or circus show) between Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and Conor “The Notrious” “Mystic Mac” “How many nicknames does one need” McGregor.

The starting time here in Thailand of the main event should be around 10 am, Sunday, August 27. The fight itself will probably start more around 11 am. So a perfect time to check it right after your morning workout / fight training.

In case you wonder where you can catch the fight:

  • Obviously most sports bars will show it via Showtime
  • Workpoint TV will show it on Thai TV
  • LineTV also claims to be able to show it


Mayweather via decision or via Conor ‘injury’ and stoppage. I would love to buy into the hype train and I would certainly celebrate a McGregor upset win but I do think that Mayweather simply is too smart inside a boxing ring. I like what Brendan Schaub said: Conor might win the spectacle, Floyd is winning the fight. 

What are your thoughts?

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  • Viewwy Preeyaporn

    I watched this fight with my friend. I woke up at 6.00 to go to my friend’s dorm and brought some snack to eat. We thought Mayweather and Mcgregor match will start sudden at 8.00 so we went to the internet cafe played Overwatch while waiting for the fight. Finally, the fight was up, at the begin rounds Mcgregor has good offend but for the last few rounds he was continually play back. Even though Mayweather is smaller and old. He keeps his hands up and fight. He won for 50-0 matches and 27 knockout.

  • You should have checked my article before, then you would have known when the fight would start ;-) I was pretty disappointed by the fight. McGregor claimed he would ‘knock Mayweather out’ but didn’t really try that hard or wasn’t able to get through Mayweather’s defense. After round 4 it was the same as with every Mayweather fight and he just got McGregor tired and then got the TKO. Boxing’s boring ;-)

  • Pudd Pud

    This fight already has the winner and the result like as my expected. “The money” obviously has advantage in this fight. I, as a boxing fan club, do not like his boxing step but I have to say “ he is clever” in this fight. So, It sad to watch Floyd get the 50-0 in his record and surpass my favorite boxer Rocky Marciano. By the way, I am glad with him.

  • I don’t like Mayweather. Neither do I like McGregor though. I would have loved to see a double KO ;-) Overall I have to say that I’m not the biggest boxing fan as I find most fights boring – I prefer MMA or Muay Thai – but one can’t deny that boxing is more famous and makes much more money.

  • Cb Work

    I love this fight, and I am a conor fan, which in this match I think Conor has experiences less than Floyd obviously. I watched this fight on Line TV on Sunday morning, which this Channel has Na’Ting, the best Thai commentator about sports fighting. Moreover, in this week, this match is also my writing blog.

  • Ii think the fight was rather boring to be honest. But that’s boxing in general. I rather watch MMA and / or Muay Thai :-)

  • Pudd Pud

    I agree. I think if you tired to watch this current boxing. You have to find an opportunity to watch Mike Tyson fights or boxing match in the past. It has more excited than the fights nowadays.

  • I think I’ve seen most Tyson fights. I still love the old Ali fights as well. I agree that boxing has become rather boring. Hence I’m focusing on other combat sports now.

  • Phirachash Piyawutiposh

    This fight is kind of a big match and promotes everywhere, so it makes me need to watch its. the ‘Money’ Mayweather is really good in boxing, inside the ring, it obvious that it like his home, so it hard to the ‘Notorious’ to win, but McGregor also does his best as well in the match. However, this is not MMA. This is Boxing and this match uses boxing rule, not MMA rules. So, it’s not surprising that McGregor will lose. This match somehow like it make for an audience request because it has so many fans who want to watch this two fight as they are the superstar.

  • Don’t get me started on that fight itself :D It’s actually pretty weird why people wanted to see a boxer vs. an mma fighter. What did people expect? Of course Mayweather would win. It’s insane that people paid 100 USD to buy that fight on PPV or 10,000 USD for tickets for a fight that has NO real value. It’s just show. It’s insane ;-)