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Mayweather vs. McGregor – Starting time in Thailand & where to watch

This is less of an article but more of a simple PSA. If you’re into fighting (Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing, whatever) you are probably interested to watch the fight (or circus show) between Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and Conor “The Notrious” “Mystic Mac” “How many nicknames does one need” McGregor.

The starting time here in Thailand of the main event should be around 10 am, Sunday, August 27. The fight itself will probably start more around 11 am. So a perfect time to check it right after your morning workout / fight training.

In case you wonder where you can catch the fight:

  • Obviously most sports bars will show it via Showtime
  • Workpoint TV will show it on Thai TV
  • LineTV also claims to be able to show it


Mayweather via decision or via Conor ‘injury’ and stoppage. I would love to buy into the hype train and I would certainly celebrate a McGregor upset win but I do think that Mayweather simply is too smart inside a boxing ring. I like what Brendan Schaub said: Conor might win the spectacle, Floyd is winning the fight. 

What are your thoughts?

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