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Max Moo Ka Ta Bangkok [review]

Time for some good food! Whenever I thoughts like this pop into my head there are a few different food options coming to mind but, quite frankly, one of the most prevalent options usually is Moo Ka Ta. I don’t always give in to that urge as it is, obviously, not the healthiest of options, but a very satisfying one once you go for it.

More or less by chance I now came across a Moo Ka Ta place around my home turf of Saphan Kwai (BTS stop between Ari and Chatuchak). Max Moo Ka Ta. Since it’s close to my home I had to give it a try to figure out if it will also be close to my heart afterwards. Here’s the figuring out part :)


Location Max Moo Ka Ta

The location is rather easy to find, however it’s not necessarily close to public transport itself. It’s easy to reach from BTS Saphan Kwai though and only a quick motorcycle ride away. The detailed address is on their facebook.

Atmosphere Max Moo Ka Ta

The overall atmosphere is typical for a Moo Ka Ta place. It’s a big hall with lots of tables. It wasn’t too busy this time around but when everything is filled up, this place must be popping.

The waiters were very busy and didn’t have much time for each table but still tried to be nice and comforting. The chairs, tables, etc. are all rather basic, but that’s what you expect from an outdoor moo ka ta place I believe.

The moo ka ta hot plates themselves are rather old-school, coal fired, not electric or gas powered.

Food at Max Moo Ka Ta

The food is good! (no diarrhea yeah :P). You have to pick if you want only moo ka ta or also the seafood with it. After that, as for moo ka ta places all around the country, you then walk around and collect what you want to cook. Lots of meat available, the sauces are good and the veggies are also alright.

Price Max Moo Ka Ta

Price wise Max Moo Ka Ta is on an average level, well beyond fancy choices such as MK or BBQ plaza while still providing good quality (it seems) and a satisfying overall experience.

Overall Max Moo Ka Ta

It’s not the best Mo Ka Ta I ever had but certainly also not the worst. It was a good choice and I’d be happy to come back again some time soon. A good choice especially if you consider value for money.

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