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Loy Krathong Festival Thailand

Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand – Festival of lights

Every year in the beginning of November, when the moon is slowly finds its way into its anticipated location (full moon of the 12th month in the Thai lunar calendar. 2014: Activities 5th – 7th November) it is time for the annual Loy Krathong festival in Thailand. I already covered the basics in my last post about Loy Krathong, which is one of the most important festivals in Thailand.

A brief run down memory lane to remember: Loy Krathong is thought to be a festival of love, dreams and happiness. Participants will build wonderful Krathongs (out of banana leaves, originally. These days you can buy krathongs made out of basically everything), decorate them nicely and let them swim away in a river or lake. While they swim away people try to watch them as long as possible. While watching them disappear you can make a wish….

The same happens when people light those wonderful lanterns, so called  ‘Kom Fais‘ – or ‘Kom Lois’ (the cooler way to celebrate Loy Krathong – in my humble opinion) and watch them disappear into the nightly sky.

Some of the most favorite places to celebrate Loy Krathong are Chiang Mai (of course. Chiang Mai is always in the top spots when it comes to festivals) but also the old cities of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya are said to be beautiful.

Furthermore Loy Krathong is said to be a festival best shared with your loved ones. When you watch the Krathong or Kom Fai disappear you wish for your sins and the sins of your partner, family, friend to be forgiven.

Ideally it makes sense to celebrate Loy Krathong somewhere close to water of course. So bridges, and lakes will be filled with lots of people and I recommend to prepare for big crowds. It is worth the hustle though since it’s a once a year event and seeing all those beautiful lights does make one feel better :-)

Where are you going to celebrate?

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  • Moné Pusanisa

    I personally think that this article is very beneficial to most of the foreign tourist that has a chance to visit Thailand during a month of November. With this piece of information about Loy Krathong Festival that was written in english, this would help foreigner understand more about Thai culture so they can use this information to make them decide where should they choose as their next dream destination.

  • That’s the purpose of the article. The question though is: Do you like Loy Krathong and how do you usually celebrate it?

  • Arinrada Boonarchathong

    I have been to Chiang Mai once during Loy Krathong festival, I’m not quite sure but I have heard that ‘Kom Lois’ also known as ‘Yee Peng’ (ยี่เป็ง). I think Loy Krathong is one of many wonderful festival here in Thailand. Many foreigners may think that is it going to be stunned like the Disney cartoon called ‘Tangled’? and I would say ‘YES!’ it is so gorgeous. I would recommend this festival to visitors that want to visit Thailand.

  • Meena Pechmongkol

    Personally, Loykrathong is one of my favorite festival. When my foreigner friends come visit me and it the same time with Loy krathong. We went to The Asiatque They said they really like this festival because they did not have in thier country. This blog is beneficial to the tourist that would like to visit our country festival.