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AirAsia is probably the most famous low-cost airline here in Asia and always brags about being awarded the ‘best low cost carrier award’ by skytrax for 3948 years in a row. I don’t really know how those awards are being held and who exactly determines the winners, I do however know that I used AirAsia quite a lot ever since moving here and hence think I can give some feedback about how it is to travel with AirAsia.


Unlike with Scoot TigerAirI never had the experience of being in a ‘big’ plane when traveling with AirAsia and hence I assumed all low cost airlines would only fly ‘small’ ones. This means that the space, obviously, is limited and the journey itself isn’t that comfortable. However this is, of course, what you expect when taking a low cost airline in order to save money. Most times I haven’t been able to sleep that well on AirAsia flights due to the lack of space and comfiness.


Oh yeah, the crew. While AirAsia apparently cares a lot about the looks if its crew, the performance on board is sometimes a bit over the top. Especially when it comes to the additional sales that they are trying to make. The AirAsia crew won’t stop walking around, pushing carts up and down the isle, and repeatedly asking you whether or not you want to buy some duty free stuff or a 500 THB microwave soup. That’s a bit annoying as they even keep doing it during over night flights where, I guess, around 83% of the passengers simply want to sleep. This is one of the biggest ‘downs’ for me, being too pushy and too focused on selling add ons. Moreover, but that’s rather personal, they seem to urge their crew members to wear lots of make-up. That sometimes looks a bit, well, I don’t want to say scary so let’s just call it ‘too much’.


The website works well, so does the app and online check-ins are easily possible. That’s all fine. What pisses me off, and it really does, is that quite often it doesn’t matter whether or not you check-in online or not. Sure, you got your seats assigned but it does not save you any time when flying as there, more often than not, are no ‘baggage drop off’ counters and you still have to queue with the normal check-ins. That’s annoying! When flying internationally from Don Mueang Airport you don’t even have those automatic check in kiosks which means you definitely have to queue forever and as low cost airlines try to save money wherever possible, they won’t open to many counters which leads to insanely long waiting periods upon check-ins. The second big ‘down’ point when it comes to AirAsia.

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  • Panpan Auraya

    I’ve used air asia-x once I traveled to Japan. It is including in tour package. For me the seat is okay but the backrest make me feel stiff. Luckily my flight is from 1a.m. to 6a.m., I felt sleep and wake up at Tokyo exactly.

  • Natcha Lohasawad

    Recently, I had a flight to Japan with Air Asia-X. I totally agree with you that we have to queue up in the very long line and it is really annoying to wait for almost 1 hour to check-in. Also, the seats not that comfortable to be able to sit and sleep through the flight.

  • Penpitcha Sathirapanya

    I used to fly with Air Asia X to Japan, I agree with you that its online check-in works well but I have a problem with the uncomfortable seat and extra charge everything even use credit card to buy a ticket but compare with the price it acceptable. I think It a good low cost airline for travelers who want nothing except landing safely.

  • Paytong Pharima

    It is undeniable that Air Asia is now very popular among Thai people, with not much money people can fly! I used to fly when I was going to Korea. It was comfortable for buying ticket online and checking-in ticket too.However, the queue in the Air Asia counter was so so longgg even it was just only dropped my belonging.

  • Watsakorn Kaewsaard

    For me, Air Asia is the best travelling company that I ever had taken. I once got a free 10,000 Baht travelling coupon from them because the flight was slightly delayed. The food taste great, air hostages are nice. And the price is very very cheap!

  • Song Sathiraboot

    I once tried Airasia when I was travelling to Korea two years ago. I think that the online booking is very easy to understand and convenient. However, I didn’t quite like the space and the service that they give because they’re hard selling the product on the plan. In which, it is why I chose a different airline to take a flight to korea last year. But, I would normally use this airline sometimes when I have to travel within the country because it’s cheap and it only takes a not even an hour on the plan, which the space doesn’t really bothers that much.

  • Tanutcha Roongroj

    I only fly with Airasia just only when the destination is not far like Chiangmai or even Singapore, but never tried overnight flight, i think it is not worthy. For the low cost flight i have experienced only Airasia and Nokair, it is cheap and acceptable. Just try to sit back, be with your earphones and sleep as fast as you can so the inconvenience cannot bother you.

  • Saruta Maneepairoj

    I totally agree with you that the crew is being too pushy and too focused on their selling add ons which makes me annoying but it is bearable for a 1-3 hour flight. Moreover, I think that low-cost airlines now are becoming more prevalent in Thailand due to the tight budget of travelers.

  • Chanidapa Smt

    I have been choose this cabin crew for traveling in Thailand like Chaingmai, For me the service is quite good not too bad, proper for its price

  • Mild Chandhraprasert

    I have used the service from Airasia only in domestic area because the space of the seat and the service which charge with every single thing. I think the price sometimes is too expensive compare with full service flights.

  • Prakin Chatteeraphat

    I haven’t had any experience on flying with Airasia before. However, after my brother traveled to Japan with them, his complaint is pretty much similar with yours. He also recommended me that it would be OK to travel with this airline, if it is the flight within the country because it only take a few hours. With the comparison for the price, I think the service and everything from this airline is quite decent after hearing the feedback of my brother.

  • Fooh Phutha

    I had have experiences with Airasia before. I totally agree that if talk about the low-cost airline, I will think of this airline. I think its service is good, also the crew performance is satisfied. However, the space on the plane, I had a same experience like you. I haven’t been able to sleep too because of the lack of space and comfiness.

  • Ben Benyapa

    I used to fly with Airasia once and i agree that it’s small and not comfortable. But for the prices maybe it normally to be like this because it’s a low cost airline. For booking the seat, i like that they have an application to book cause it’s fast and convenience.

  • Um Ntrch

    I’ve been flying with Air Asia for so many years and I really love their service. For short domestic flight, the price is very affordable because we don’t need to pay extra cost for extra services such as in-flight food or luggage loading. But sometimes flying with Thai Smile is cheaper and you also get in-flight snack and free luggage loading but personally I got dizzy flying with Thai Smile more than Air Asia. I don’t know why, it’s pretty strange.