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Lanna Lanna dadada da dada

or what the heck is Lanna?

When I first went to Chiang Mai I thought it might be a good idea to check out hostels beforehand. So I spent some time online and checked out the usual hostel comparison sites.While doing so I came across one special word over and over again. Lanna! Almost every guesthouse or hostel was “lanna style”. At first I was quite surprised to see this word since I never saw it before. Due to the fact that almost every guest house or hostel named itself “lanna style guesthouse” I very quickly supposed it can’t be anything special though.

Despite all prejudices Lanna turned out to usually refers to the northern Thai kingdom that was founded in Chiang Saen but was mostly centred around Chiang Mai and lasted from the 13th to 18th centuries. That is why most older buildings in this area, especially temples are considered as Lanna style.

lanna style temple in chiang mai
lanna style temple in chiang mai

Despite all the oldschool lanna stuff it really appears to has taken overhand and almost very kebab restaurant (yes there are some in chiang mai) claims to be lanna style. That is the reason why I somehow couldn’t enjoy it as much as it might be deserved. Nevertheless seeing a lot of wood everywhere is kinda nice though ;-)

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