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Krating Daeng // Red Bull

Since I’ve been asked to do so I’ll gladly follow this request and introduce some famous Thai brands that became famous worldwide. Today we’ll start with one of the most famous ones…

Krating Daeng // Red Bull

One of the most famous brands world wide might be Krating Daeng or, how it is called in most parts of the world, Red Bull. While most people know, not at least thanks to Sebastian Vettel, that it is based in Austria, Europe only a few know its origin.

Krating Daeng was established in Thailand by a poor bus attendant (who died a billionaire in 2012) and became quite famous quite fast…. read more…

In the mid 80s Mr. Mateschitz from Austria came across Krating Daeng while he was on business in Thailand and decided to cooprerate With Krating Daeng, improve the formula for western taste (cut the animal ingredients) and promote it as Red Bull. Everything else from then on his history…

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  • Pichchapak Sukkhe

    This is a good article that shows the power of Thailand’s brand which has influence around the corner of the world. Nowadays, you can see this logo brand,Red Bull,in several types whether it be sponsor for football club or for the most famous sport like F-1 racing. It makes the whole world know Thailand in the good way.

  • Paytong Pharima

    I agree that Krating Daeng is one of well-known brand in Thailand as it can access everyone.We can obviously observe that Krating Daeng role and important sponsor in almost everywhere, TV show, camp and other activity.That is not all, Krating Daeng’s T-shirt is one of famous souvenir too.

  • Sher Chayanit

    Krating Daeng is actually very famous. I think the brand gained their reputation by reaching for a large number of laborers, it got popular in almost every area of Thailand. I also usually see foreigners where shirts with the logo of Krating Daeng on it, and I also found many designs of shirts with Krating Daeng logo being sold at tourist attractions.