Indoor Rock Climbing in Bangkok

Over the past year I’ve become more and more addicted to Rock Climbing. Until then it always was something to do down there in Krabi or other awesome outdoor spots. Now that I started doing it indoors (because where else would you do it in Bangkok?) I started to improve more and am able to do it more consistently, which is a good thing. While hitting the climbing gym more often I also see lots of different kind of climbers there. Young, old, male, female, tourists, locals. Rock Climbing can be fun for anyone of any age and any gender and that’s awesome! And since it’s so much fun I thought it makes sense to cover three of the best spots for indoor climbing in Bangkok.

Rock Domain Climbing Gym – Bang Na (BTS Station Udom Suk)

Rock Domain is probably the most famous indoor climbing spot in Bangkok and the place I visited first. They also are, as far as I know, the biggest climbing gym in the city. Good facilities (awesome showers), very helpful staff, relaxed atmosphere and quite frequently changing routes. Also a nice big boulder area. A day pass including equipment costs you around 570 THB.

They also have a small cafe there that provides you with a small resting and refreshing area.

How to get to Rock Domain Climbing Gym:

Take the BTS Sukhumvit line to Udom Suk. Get down Exit 3 (doesn’t really matter – but should be the direction to Bang Na) and take a cab to Bang Na Soi 50. The taxi will take you out to Bang Na and do a U-Turn. When you get down from the U-Turn bridge that’s when you want to keep your eyes open to look for the Rock Domain Climbing Gym sign (it’s not thaaat big). It’s between Soi 50 and 52. Approximately 70 THB per taxi.


Urban Playground @ Racquet Club Bangkok – Sukhumvit 49/9 (between BTS Stations Prom Phong & Thonglor)

Urban Playground is the latest player in the indoor climbing space here in Bangkok. It just opened in early 2015 and already has its fair share of fans. Its biggest plus: It’s quite central. It’s located between BTS stations Prom Phong and Thonglor (with Thonglor probably being a little bit closer) right down in Sukhumvit Soi 49.

Urban Playground is part of the Racquet Club Bangkok and therefore quite well maintained and really fancy. Prices for guests start at 525 THB (without equipment though, that’s extra. Also you will have to take a brief ‘belaying course’ to prove that you know what you’re doing) and will enable you to use all the facilities of the Racquet Club (not sure if one will be able to do that after a day of climbing though).

How to get to Urban Playground Climbing Gym

Take the BTS to Thonglor (or if you’re shopping at Emporium or EM Quartier simply go from there) and then take a taxi or motorcycle down Sukhumvit Soi 49 until you reach the Racquet Club. As easy as that. I tried to walk it once. Not a big problem but it will definitely take you a while and make you sweat a bit especially during the summer months.


Indoor Climbing @ Big C Ladprao / Imperial World – Ladprao (MRT Ladprao / BTS Mochit)

Admittedly Rock Climbing is not really one of the cheapest hobbies one could have. Therefore some of us are looking for a bit of a less expensive alternative. That’s when Big C / Imperial World comes to play. The climbing area here is smaller than at Rock Domain or the smaller Urban Playground but therefore it is also a whole lot cheaper.

How to go to Big C Ladprao / Imperial World

Go to Ladprao MRT station and either take any of the busses ( 8274473ก9296122126137145151156172178182502514545) down to Big C / Imperial World or simply take a taxi (or a Songtheaw if you can find the right one), it takes a bit.


What’s your favorite climbing spot? Shout out in the comments! Also let me know when you’re around and looking for a climbing partner!


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