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Homecoming II – Graduation Time in Udon Thani

After my first return to Udon Thani since leaving for Bangkok I know made my second comeback. This time however not only to visit friends but also to attend the Graduation Party of the Udon Thani Vocational College. The students I taught in my first year in their first and second year at college now graduated and I promised them to be there when they do so.

So I went back to Udon and experienced something similar to last time. Still everybody remembers what lead to an immediate feeling of happiness in the early morning. Even the hairdresser who didn’t see me for over a year jumped and said ‘Saschaaaaa, you’re back!’ and the 7-11 staff once more greeted with ‘Kun Kru (Teacher!) you are back again. Kid teugn Udon chai mai (you miss Udon, right?)’. How can’t you love that? Udon peeps, you are awesome!

A little later I then met one of my ex students and now good friend to spend a short time talking about life and stuff that matters before I went on to attend the formal graduation ceremony at Charoen Hotel Udon Thani. As soon as I stepped into the ballroom everybody was excited to see me and I really felt missed. And it didn’t even felt like acting. That was great. Even greater was to see the smile on the face of the students sitting in the first row who saw me first. Ha, you thought I wouldn’t come, right? :P I really missed those kids and we had some super funny minutes talking before the ceremony started.

This then was the time for the (ex) teacher to get proud of his (ex) students. Pretty cool to see the young kids I started teaching now more grown up and ready to take on Uni life. Those tense moments short before the certificate gets handed on stage followed by the huge relief and the ‘I got it!’ feeling. Great to witness. Loved it.


After the official party was over it was time to go home, relax, change the outfit and then return for the graduation dinner party with lots of food, music, games, performances and surprises and, of course, breathtaking outfits! What a night.

Once more it was great to see all of them at one place and over the next few days that I stayed in Udon I met with many of my ex students to talk, have fun and remember the good old times. I’m really looking forward to seeing many of them out there all around Thailand and the world. Not easy to explain why but as teacher you feel kinda proud to see them grow up and take on their own paths.

To say it directly: I’m really happy how everyone of you guys (my amazing students) turned out. You’re the reason why I’m still here and still teaching. You’re awesome and I can’t wait to see you making your dreams come true. You know we always talked about it in class but now it’s the time to remember: If you can dream it, you can do it.

The future is yours.

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