Hipsterize BKK

Biggie Biggie Biggie can’t you see Bangkok is becoming hipsterizeeeee (d).

Shut up, I’m proud of that intro.

I think we can all agree that Bangkok has its fair share of hipster spots. As it should have with all the hipsters living here. The other day at the immigration I felt like I’m in an episode of Silicon Valley. But there’s a reason for that, obviously. Bangkok is awesome for hipsters and, in contrary to Chiang Mai, actually provides you with something else to do than just being a cool digital nomad.

Hence it’s no surprise that Sukhumvit and Silom are flooded with hipsters, hipster shops, drinks, food and so on. We see pop up markets everywhere, the train markets are flooded with cool peeps and even Chatuchak and its surrounding ‘cool’ spots sees an increase in hipster attendance. So it feels at least.

While it already was kind of ‘strange’ (simply since it’s rather ‘far’ away from the rest of the ‘cool’ city) to see an area such as “Ari” being hipsterized the hipsterization of Bangkok seems to continue. Even areas that have been they synonym of boredom until recently, such as Saphan Kwai, now have their own ‘pop up’ night markets, fancy fusion food shops and an increasingly farang looking audience. Heck I even saw a farang guy on a bicycle passing by Pradipat Road the other day. This makes it official, Saphan Kwai is being hipsterized.

What are other areas that you see being hipsterized at the moment? 

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