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Heavy Downpour floods Bangkok’s streets [pictures]

Thx to the ongoing rainy season in Thailand we’re seeing flash floods rather often these days. Here we’re curating some of the latest social media posts in regards to flooded streets, closed sois, and so on. Seen anything else? Shout out in the comments and submit your pics by tagging @mythaiorg!

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  • Thananopawan Rattanatrisri

    Oh my gosh, that’s my condominium area! I woke up this morning and saw the flood but around noon, it’s all dry (which is good). I’m glad that I was staying at my condo last night! It was really heavy rain. I hope the government will do something to prevent this next time!

  • Kewpla Kanchanaban

    I always wonder that why Bangkok still has a flood problem since we are the capital and also the most development city in Thailand. However, the flood problem still on going and it’s look like this problem can not be solve.

  • Imo it’s probably because we’re not using enough resources to fix the issue. It’s the “it happens every year, but mai pen rai” mentality. The city would have to tackle this problem from different angles (waste disposal, drainage systems, public education, etc) and that seems to be too much to ask for unfortunately.

  • I had a swimming pool in front of my apartment as well. It always pays off to have a pair of floaties handy.

  • Ginni Kiatfuengfoo

    It is ashamed that even Bangkok is the capital city of our country but we still have this flood problem that could stop or freeze everything for a day. But in my opinion, I think the majority reason might come from ourselves that we didn’t care much about the trash and I think we put too many expectations to the government to solve the flooding without concern or aware to prevent the problem from ourselves! I hope both of government and Bangkokian would cooperate and make Bangkok has no more flooding!

  • Varinthorn Witwarakoon

    I was at campus that day. I was planing to meet my friends at Siam but in the morning my mom call me to cancel my friend meeting because she couldn’t drive me there. I think that no one expect this to happen. They just though that I going to be just a normal rain.

  • Natcha Lohasawad

    Woah…I was really shocked when I saw and heard about heavy flooding in Bangkok since I’m at another province since last Friday. I just hope the government could provide assistance for the victims and try to solve the problem as fast as possible.

  • Elle Thitakorn

    Such a bad news! I think the problem that cause this to happen is climate change. As we are in developing country, we can’t deny that developing means damaging our atmosphere in order to develop as well. There are negative effects on climate change such as air pollution and sea level arise which means increasing risk of flood. I think everyone should be more aware about our environment if we don’t want this to happen again! :)

  • May Chiranakorn

    My home was also the area of flooding. Since most people blame the government or the member of the house of representative, I think that everyone should concern more about their own behavior. We can see above that there were a large number of trashes appeared after the level of water is lower. Therefore we, city people, should pay more attention on our conduct and I hope that the government will help and can be able to prevent the next flooding as well.

  • Aployyzz Pattanan

    I went to another province on those days so, I didn’t see by myself that how it is. However, when I saw those pics in the blog, I thinking of the flooding 6 years ago. My house is in the area that is lower than others area around so, the water level was around my chest. (I’m about 160cm) It was several months that I couldn’t go out. My car was broken. We had to wait for help bring foods to us. Fortunately, there was electric supply to my house so, I passed through those months easier. It’s the experience that I will never forget!
    It’s good that people seem to enjoy with this little flood, taking photos of this abnormal situation however, I believe that everyone feel annoy with this bad condition!

  • Song Sathiraboot

    Wow. I was so shocked when I first hear the news about the flood. Even though it happened many times when there is rain, but I think that the problem had already been solved. However, by seeing these floods in many areas, it kinds of reflecting on the failure of the government systems on dealing with this problems. There are many routes that I used regularly in which, I have been affected by it because I could reached that place due to the floods.

  • Amornrat Orutsahakij

    I’m so lucky that my house is not in the flooding area. My house is in Rama 2 Road in this area in the past when the sea level rise it already cause the flood but after they build a dam no more flood again.

  • Dakota Yuwapun

    Flooding is always bad, imagine all the bad bacteria in that water… It’s black as night! And people know what’s in the sewers right? That’s poop and pee! Gross!

  • Ananda Chuensomsong

    I was down at viphavadi-rangsit road the other day and it was nuts. Broken cars being dragged out of the water and garbage floating every where. But it was very warming to see volunteers and officers assissting the ones in need, truly showing that there are great people with good heart out there.

  • Ornvipa Assavanig

    That day i have to work very early around 3 am but it already have the flood around thra phra chan road and the water was still risen and I can’t drove because the water is in the high level. Therefore, for me that day is one of the bad day in my life.

  • Peach Sawangcharoen

    Lucky that it was on Saturday tho! If it is a day that we have to go study or work, I cannot imagine how would it be. Maybe a very tragedy day. I watched the news on TV and saw all the trash came out on the road, that was suck and sad tho. People don’t have any responsibility for being a good human. I promise I will drop all the trash in the bin, i swear!!!

  • Beam Palakarn

    Yesterday, my mother told me about one of her friend who experience the massive lost in this flash flood that occur near pharam-9 road. Since she live in the condominium around there, parking her car in the underground parking lot, as usual, woke up and realize that whole of her car was covered with water completely. The bad news is she was just brought her car and her insurance didn’t cover a natural disaster, the good news is, there’s no good news. Now she have to pay her installment without even having the actual goods. I hope someone can help her with this problem.

  • Jenny Philomena

    The other day I had an exam at 6AM, I had no idea that there was a huge flooding in the area, so I arrived an hour late!! It usually only takes me 20 minutes to get there… Luckily I was still able to attend the exam, or else I’d be screwed due to the sudden flooding :(
    I can’t wait for the day when the “people in charge”are finally able to fix this problem, it’s been an issue for way too long! 😡

  • 6am exam? That’s a possibility? Hmmm *plans midnight exams* I agree with the rest of your statement though. But then again we know the common responses. “this is Thailand, we can’t change the nature, it’s always like that”.

  • Cb Work

    Every single year, many governments say there is no flooding, but it is every year. I think we cannot avoid this problem as Thai people do not cooperate to protect and solve it, such as lettering Thai people do not care when they let it. However, in social media, it’s like a funny moment which many people think it is like a swimming pool… :(

  • Mew Sorasesakun

    I’m so curious why Bangkok the capital city of Thailand faces a flood problem every time after had heavy rain. Also every year I must heard this kind of news around BKK and countryside. This problem showing us that the government do not give any attention and important to solve this problem seriously…