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Healthy Meal Prep Delivery in Bangkok – Daily Clean Food

In my quest to stay healthy and fit I don’t only focus on sports (e.g. Muay ThaiClimbingVolleyball, Running) but also try to look after my nutrition. Having that said, this last part certainly is the worst of them all. While I can handle getting punched, kicked or hanging from (artificial rocks) I’m really bad at looking after my nutrition. That’s why I decided to try some meal prep services. One of the few choices that popped up when looking for services that don’t only focus on expats and don’t have insane delivery costs, was Daily Clean Food.

Order with Daily Clean Food

Pretty simple. They got available menus, you tell them what you like and how many of each you want, and there you go. Can be done online (IG, FB, Line) obviously.

Payment to Daily Clean Food

Bank transfer. After you sent the slip (that you can also get when doing online banking) the order will be processed. They price for 9 dishes (which should last for 3 days) is 590 THB including delivery.

Delivery by Daily Clean Food

If you order ahead of time they will be able to send it out the day after via motorcycle delivery. They have two days off per week though were they don’t deliver. You can also choose from three different delivery times slots. Early morning, late morning, or evening.

Taste & Meal size

The meals don’t look as fancy as with other services to be honest, but the taste made up for it. I liked all of the dishes I tried and while the size is still a bit of an issue, I decided to order here again. It’s also not spicy by default which you can easily change by adding some chili yourself of course.

Overall Daily Clean Food did a good job in convincing me. It’s not super mega awesome, but for the price it’s certainly a good alternative and while it doesn’t look awesome on your IG posts, it tastes rather good.

Sascha Funk

Founder / Editor at My-Thai.org
Sascha is the publisher of my-thai.org and switched from an online marketing agency life in Europe to a teaching and education life in Thailand. He also writes about Teaching & Technology.

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  • Shatree Suwanvalaikorn

    I am thinking about eating good food in order to have good health and this article is really interesting for me.

  • it did help me a lot. i used to work out a lot for a long time now but never really looked after my nutrition but ever since i started eating healthy i became much fitter and healthier :)

  • Aployyzz Pattanan

    Thank you for sharing this topic! It’s useful and interested me! This’s an alternative choice for me who looking for healthy food in order to control my weight. However, finally, the point that you gave it’s less than what I thought at first. I hope you will keep on reviewing the healthy (and maybe tasty) foods like this.

  • Fooh Phutha

    First of all, I think this article is so useful for reminding the readers to look after their nutrition. Healthy Meal Prep Delivery is a great choice for people who do not very have time for cooking and finding a restaurant that emphasize about the health. Eating a daily clean food is quite good for your health because it has the important nutrients that your body need. Moreover, its price is not that expensive. Course A is only 590 Baht, if you average the cost per meal for 3 days is approximately only 66 Baht so it is quite cheap. Furthermore, someday I might try and order the Healthy Meal Prep Delivery the reason is I want to take care of myself and also lose some weight!

  • Chanittha Jiraporncharas

    I’m personally love eating and also cooking clean food. But sometimes cooking can be a little difficult, especially when I was living in a dorm. Plus, find clean food around campus is even harder. But, glad to know there are some delivery healthy meals that also delicious!

  • Pokpong Vetchakanjana

    I think people in Thailand is thinking more about their health than the past so clean food is a good started.According to that, there are some problem that some clean food are to expensive compared to other food, so I suggest may be we can make clean food by ourselves so we can created a new kind of clean food that we love.

  • Chanidapa Smt

    Nowadays, Clean food becomes as a new way to make you get healthy. From the past there is no this thing to make you loss your weight, most people choose to eat dietary supplement to make them loss weight fastly as dont care how dangerous they are. Although, clean food doesnt have a bad effect. It provides you with many benefit as you not only get healthy and nutrition but also you can loss your weight as well. I am the one who has try clean food for lossing my weight, the result is satisfied!

  • Non Kasipat

    As a person who like to exercise eats this kind of food is such an important thing to do. I personally prioritize to eat clean food rather than others but sometimes its price is quite more expensive lol

  • Kewpla Kanchanaban

    I’m the one who away want to diet and the good ways to diet is eating a clean food. I think we can find it easier that before and we even can order it to deliver to us too. It may make people in Thailand care more about there health.

  • Tanathorn Petawan

    This is a very useful information for me since I’m interested in losing weight and stay healthy. Back to the year of 2014, my weight was over 50 kg and I tried to consume good food and exercise to get back to the weight I had before. However, after my weight came back at the point that I’m satisfied, I still want to eat clean food and I usually get food from a shop at Usquare on Chiang Rak road which, in my opinion, is a place that sells clean food that actually taste similar to the usual ones.

  • Thanks for your comment. Glad you also look after your food and thanks for letting us know where to get it around TU!