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Healthy Meal Prep Delivery in Bangkok – Clean Food House

In my quest to stay healthy and fit I don’t only focus on sports (e.g. Muay Thai, Climbing, Volleyball, Running) but also try to look after my nutrition. Having that said, this last part certainly is the worst of them all. While I can handle getting punched, kicked or hanging from (artificial rocks) I’m really bad at looking after my nutrition. That’s why I decided to try some meal prep services. One of the few choices that popped up when looking for services that don’t only focus on expats and don’t have insane delivery costs, was Clean Food House.

Order with Clean Food House

Just like with most other services they are available via facebook, instagram, and line. You pick the menu that you want, send them a message and that’s it. Gotta love social e-commerce.

Payment to Clean Food House

Also similar to other services via bank transfer. They’ll tell you their a/c number, you transfer it and send them a copy of the slip via fb/line and that’s it. If you order 18 dishes delivery is free. 18 dishes come at 1,400 THB.

Delivery by Clean Food House

If you order ahead of time they will be able to send it out the day after via motorcycle delivery. Just make sure you talk to them to check when you’ll be available as it’s not advisable to have the food stuck with your security guard or condo post office for too long.

Taste & Meal size

What I like here is that the meals look nice and are also a bit bigger compared to other places. The taste is pretty good overall – even though not really spicy. So make sure you got some chili at home.

Overall Clean Food House convinced me to order again as I liked most of the dishes. The menu isn’t that big, but it changes from day to day. If you order Wednesday it’ll be different to Friday and it also changes week-wise. However what needs to be considered when ordering is that they also offer stuff that doesn’t seem to be that healthy and just labeling it ‘clean’ doesn’t make it better (e.g. cheese macaroni).

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  • Phongphaka Lar-ut

    Hello! I really appreciate that you reviewed healthy foods from a few different company, and I also like that you gave a rating star for each category, because I can compare and make a better decision on purchasing these clean foods for myself.
    Thank you for this helpful article :)

  • No worries. More to come. And thanks for your content. While I didn’t order with this shop last time around, I just ordered again today as they have a pretty diverse menu each week which is actually pretty nice. So I think it’s good to switch between different shops. This week this one had some interesting dishes on the menu that I didn’t see anywhere else. So I don’t only have to eat Ga Pow :D

  • Ling Kanyanat

    I felt that I gained some weight lately so I’ve been looking for healthy food to try out in this past few days. Some stores offered good choices but overtime it can be boring. Cooking your own “clean” food is a fun thing but I always lazy to clean the dishes so this is great solution for me. I would definitely check this out thanks to your review!

  • I got the same problem. I like cooking but hate doing the dishes :) I just ordered again today. Switching between different shops helps making it less boring.

  • Ginni Kiatfuengfoo

    I have head that if you want to get healthy, 80% would come from food and only 20% would come from exercise!! After that, I start to look after what I eat and change my eating habits and that makes me consume mostly ‘clean food’ and guess what, I lose many kilograms from only change my eating habits! But the problem is, cooking clean food is quite hard because of the ingredients and moreover if you are the only one in your family that eat clean food, and mostly not very delicious ( I think that’s because of my bad cooking skill haha) so I think order clean food house would be my new choice! This looks very nice and thanks for your review ;-)

  • We share cooking skills it seems! ;-) I do agree though that it’s pretty difficult to actually keep eating healthy and hence ordering is probably a good alternative.

  • Tanutcha Roongroj

    the truth is
    ‘Mac and Cheese’ costs 60 baht
    ‘Wholewheat Mac and Cheese’ cost 120 baht
    or ‘Chicken Rice bowl’ 40 baht but ‘Clean chicken breasts with rice’ costs 80 baht
    it doesn’t make sense sometimes, the ‘clean’ foods even have cheaper ingredients

  • Pichchapak Sukkhe

    OH! I like this article as I am one of the people who want to stay healthy. Clean food is very popular now in Thailand whether it be sport man or ordinary people. U-square, food center besides Thammasat University, has one famous clean food store called Leanlicious which sells clean food, snack and drink. It is very useful for everyone not for only sport man as new generation of people cares more about health. I think delivery clean food is a good idea because it is irrefutable that everyone has their own business and duties. So, it will be great if we can work and eat clean food at the same time. Thanks for good article.