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Healthy Food Prep Service in Bangkok – Thin Thin Clean Food Delivery

On my quest to stay healthy and fit I don’t only focus on sports (e.g. Muay Thai, Climbing, Volleyball, Running) but also try to look after my nutrition. Having that said, this last part certainly is the worst of them all. While I can handle getting punched, kicked or hanging from (artificial rocks) I’m really bad at looking after my nutrition. That’s why I decided to try some meal prep services. The first service that popped up when looking further than just the ones that clearly target expats was Thin Thin. With no prior experience, I went for it and it was….ok.

Order with Thin Thin

Pretty simple. They got available menus, you tell them what you like and how many of each you want, and there you go. Can be done online obviously.

Payment to Thin Thin

Bank transfer. After you sent the slip (that you can also get when doing online banking) the order will be processed. They price for 9 dishes (which should last for 3 days) is 790 THB including delivery.

Delivery by Thin Thin

If you order ahead of time (until 2pm the previous day) they will be able to send it out the day after via motorcycle delivery. They have two days off per week though were they don’t deliver (Saturday and Thursday, If I’m not mistaken now). You can choose from three different delivery times slots. Early  morning, late morning, or evening.

Taste & Meal size

When I first opened the meals, which look nice btw, I was a bit confused since they looked really small. But then again, I’m trying to lose fat here so that might be on purpose ;-) Besides the size not being something I’m used to, the taste was ok. Some dishes are better than others, obviously, but there was nothing really bad in it. Also nothing super good though and as long as there’s no extra chili in it, the dishes aren’t spicy at all – which could be a good thing as it’s always easier to make it more spicy than the other way around.

Overall Thin Thin didn’t blow me away but it was good enough to stay in the race and be an alternative when I want to switch my meal prep up in between.

Sascha Funk

Founder / Editor at My-Thai.org
Sascha is the publisher of my-thai.org and switched from an online marketing agency life in Europe to a teaching and education life in Thailand. He also writes about Teaching & Technology.

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  • Palm Siradanai

    I have tried healthy food once and for me it was good. At first I thought that healthy food is food that could not have a lot of flavor, but it’s not. But I think I have a little of problem with the price, they sell it with high price sometimes. By the way, I would look forward to the healthy food, I would try it more. Thanks for sharing!

  • Completely agree. Healthy food is rather expensive. It’s so hard to stay healthy with those prices :(

  • Arinrada Boonarchathong

    ‘You are what you eat,’ I completely agree with this quote since it is the most important part of losing and controlling weight. I know it is hard to eat healthy food when you are not used to it. lol By the way, have you ever tried clean food from ‘leanlicious’ store at U-square nearby Thammasat University? I think it is good, the taste and quality are reasonable compared to the price. You should try it once :D I would recommend you to get ‘Pat Prik Pow Kai’ it is delish!