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Healthy Food Delivery in Bangkok – CLEANFit Delivery [review]

In my quest to stay healthy and fit I don’t only focus on sports (e.g. Muay ThaiClimbing, Volleyball, Running) but also try to look after my nutrition. Having that said, this last part certainly is the worst of them all. While I can handle getting punched, kicked or hanging from (artificial rocks) I’m really bad at looking after my nutrition. That’s why I decided to try some meal prep services. One of the few choices that popped up when looking for services that don’t only focus on expats and don’t have insane delivery costs, was Cleanfit Delivery.


Just like with most other services they are available via facebook, and line. Chose whatever menu items look good to you and you’re ready to order.

healthy food prep service bangkok
healthy food prep service bangkok


Just like with the other services you can do it via bank transfer. After each order they will tell you their bank account number and once you transferred the money and sent the slip via facebook or line, you’re done. You can also choose between 9 or 15 dishes. 15 dishes come at 960 THB with no extra delivery costs.


Also make sure to order a bit ahead of time (usually one day notice is enough though) and you will be able to pick between several delivery times. So far I had it delivered early in the morning, around noon and around 2ish – all without problem. The delivery usually arrives way ahead of the scheduled time though so make sure someone’s there to receive the delivery.


The meal size is quite decent in my opinion. One dish doesn’t make me completely full but with some add ons (eggs, etc.) I do get a decent meal out of it. The quality is good and the variety also makes for some nice, different choices. The sauce that comes with the chicken is even quite spicy, totally digging that!

I haven’t had anything that I completely disliked there as of yet and the favorites are probably the pure chicken breast as well as the chicken with garlic sauce but I even like the noodle based dishes here. It also feels (yeah that’s pretty subjective) rather healthy, especially compared to all the other services I tried so far.

healthy food delivery bangkok
healthy food delivery bangkok

Sascha Funk

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  • Jamie Chowpradith

    This is so cool and easy, right? I mean, groceries shopping, cooking, calculating calories? That’s too much! We’re not professional bodybuilder. With a service like this, we don’t have to calculate calories because they already did it for us! It’s easy to track our calories intake and nutritions. However, from my experience, there is still a tiny problem here. There’s no veggies! There is only pieces of chicken and tiny bit of rice. But, that’s good enough for people who’s trying to start their healthy lifestyle! There is a shop that sells ‘clean food’ like this around Thammasat Rangsit Campus too! It called “leanlicious”, located in U-square. In case you want to try something new! Thank you, Mr. Sascha

  • Thx for the comment. I think it goes without saying that those prepped meals should not be the the only part of ones nutrition. One obviously has to add some more nutrients to make it a real meal – but it does help with making healthier choices when there are time constraints compared to going to KFC ;-)

  • Eve Supmee

    Wow, this review is nice. I like to eat healthy and clean food, while tasty and come in a good price. I recommend you Leanlicious store. It located near the campus, in the U-village. It has a good quality of food, very clean, and tasty. Its price quite friendly, around 65฿. Their store open everyday, so you easily go and buy since it’s near our campus. But I’m not sure if Leanlicious has a delivery or not. What you recommended was nice one too, thanks.

  • Mix Nuttapol

    Thanks for information. This information is good for me because I like to eat clean food and control my weight and want to reduce my body fat. I would like to recommend DJ Poom menu. It is created for healthy and clean food and it is so delicious. You can order delivery or if you go to Siam Paragon, it sell at G floor in super market.

  • Sher Chayanit

    I just started to focus on eating healthy food for a while. It is nice to have convenient service like this for people who want to take care of their health but don’t have enough time to cook. Anyway, I agree that the meal size really do looks decent. I’m sure I’m not going to be full after eating a box of this healthy food. I guess ome add ons and a cup of low fat milk along with this clean food would be a good idea.

  • Panpan Auraya

    This review is amazing! How good it will be if we can order clean food by the delivery service. We will be able to order clean food at anywhere we want. I is very convenient and support our goals to eat clean food. I mean that maybe we would like to eat clean food but it is not sell at the place we live. So this service can answer this at the best point.

  • Watsakorn Kaewsaard

    I cannot imagine how hard it would be for me by living in Thailand and eat healthy foods. Look at all these Thai foods! Kaiyang, Mooping, and much more. The food I have mentioned are not healthy but the fact that they all are tasty make it hard to leave them.

  • Beer Suwongwan

    I like when deliveries are now everywhere even with the healthy food. Delivery would become more essential in the future I believe so.

  • Mew Sorasesakun

    Clean food is popular for awhile in Thailand and the respondent is also great for owner and entrepreneur in this kind of business. I ordered clean food and they prepared as a course for me to eat daily. All ingredients are calculated in proper calorie per day.

  • Cb Work

    The clean food is being popular for people who interested in health today, which we can see many entrepreneurs interest to made this business. However, making clean food is not normal because there are many factors when making the clean food, such as price, taste, nutrition, and so on.

  • Tim Saensupho

    Eating clean food became popular recently because people want to have a great food without the time to prefer for their own self. some of them might want to limit their calories but eating out side is very hard to do that especially with thai food. So this business is going to be a bomb and will make a lot of benefits.

  • Dakota Yuwapun

    Oooh healthy food! Healthy and clean food is very popular these days, maybe I should start my own ‘organic’ food delivery service.. I’d get a lot of money!

  • Thananopawan Rattanatrisri

    Wow!! I’d love to order them from this page! It’s not too expensive and save me more time. Thank you for sharing :)

  • If you order tell them you found them here ;)

  • Sarcasm aside I had the same idea tbh.

  • Pokpong Vetchakanjana

    Clean food is the best way for people who really care their health.There are many restaurant which produce the clean food and I think it too expensive, may be you can make it by your own, the total cost may be cheaper.

  • Paytong Pharima

    I have never ordered this page before, usually I will go to market to buy clean food or go to Clean food restaurant that close to me. In Aree, there has “DJ Poom Menu” restaurant which very famous in there. However, it is a little bit expensive LOL. So, I will try this one as it sound interesting and the price is quite reasonable.

  • Chung Veeravutthiphol

    They make it easier and so convenient with a reasonable price, that was good. The nutrient that we’ve consumed each day was very important. Saying that, if you do the exercise so hard but not consume the correct nutrient, you’re not going to get through the goal.

  • Tanathorn Petawan

    Oh yum! I have only tried the clean food place around Thammasat Rangsit Campus but I have never tried this before. Some of my friends had it and they are all on the same side agreeing that I must try this out. I will try it soon and thanks for the information!

  • Machima Anantanasan

    Personally, I don’t think I have enough food for a meal after having this kind of food, lol. But this delivery shop seems nice, the price of lunch box is not too high compare with its quantity. Maybe if I want to try I may order two box for each time, so that it fits all area of my stomach. T3T

  • Ginni Kiatfuengfoo

    Since I don’t have much time for exercising, Clean food could at least help me to get healthier! I did change how I eat for a while and I think it is actually helps and the results are quite impressive ( I lose lots of weight!) I have seen this Clean fit page on facebook before but have no chance to try. After your reviews I think I might be able to handle the taste but not so sure about the size if they will keep me full or not! hahaha. Thanks for your reviews! I could try them soon :-)

  • Jade Maciag

    Nice (healthy) food delivery service suggestion here! I am currently an actress for the faculty’s play (Lakorn Varasarn) and all actors have to eat clean (non sweet, greasy, salty or too tasty) not for our bodies but for our vocal chords :) I would totally try to order this one day 🌝 (Oh! And feel free to come see this year’s lakorn varasarn, I will be very pleased to see you there!) ✌🏻

  • Fooh Phutha

    I think ‘CLEANFIT DELIVERY’ is another interesting meal prep service. As you mentioned, you haven’t had anything that you completely disliked which make me want to order and try it in someday!

  • Moné Pusanisa

    I just came up with an idea of making and selling chicken breast for those who want to get fit !
    Well it just an idea but I’ve been try my recipe several times. One day if I have a chance I will make one for you to try! Kinda sneak peak.

  • Jinjuta Akkharawisutcharoen

    Like this post! This is very awesome for people who wanna eat healthy but too busy to cook themselves. I’d like to try to order this one day. Thanks for information.

  • Chanidapa Smt

    Ohhh i also saw this page on my facebook’s wall. I think this food delivery seems like the good one due to its price( quite cheap). When comparing with other clean foods delivery, this is cheaper than others. I have found a number of clean food deliveries on the social media like ig.. Most price is similar because other clean foods are quite expensive( from my own experience) So this might be the better choice for those who want to save your money and also get healthy

  • Jenny Philomena

    Nice, didn’t know about this shop before at all. Thanks for sharing, will try to order from them in the future!

  • Ling Kanyanat

    Oh I just saw their sponsored post on Facebook today. Their foods in the post look really yummy. Aside from calories, they also tell how many grams of protein, carbohydrate, and fat are in the dish. The price is reasonable too. I might order from them soon!

  • Shatree Suwanvalaikorn

    This is a good option for people who want to have good health. Eating good food is very important. Thanks for sharing this. I will try it for sure!

  • Sivakamon Jalanchavanapate

    Cool! Eat healthy, stay healthy! I think I’m gonna order sometimes!

  • Phongphaka Lar-ut

    Thank you for sharing this! Currently, I’m looking for a new healthy food brand to try out. This brand might be a great alternative for me :)

  • Opal Tresukosol

    Thank you for sharing! This is great for people who want to lose weight, stay healthy and also easy to buy too.

  • Tanapa Pongpilasarn

    Eating healthy and balancing diet are great! After reading this article, it makes me want to start eating healthier hahahahahha