German Restaurant “Ratsstube” [review]

Very few times per year I end up in a German restaurant here in Bangkok. Usually around Christmas or when friends want to try some “real German food”. This time I decided not to go to my usual feeding grounds but rather try a new place. The “Ratsstube” close to the Goethe Institute around Sathorn Soi 1. Here’s my review.


The atmosphere at Ratsstube is a bit weird. Kinda German, not really though. Contemporary Thai ‘art’ pictures on the walls, big hall-like seating area which makes it rather noisy rather quickly, it also feels pretty busy inside which takes a bit away from the German restaurant experience.


The food is ok. They have lots of choices and it came pretty fast. However it wasn’t really hot anymore when it arrived (the sauce and vegetables even pretty cold) and the pork knuckle even came without any kind of sauce and hence was rather dry. The size was ok though.

Getting there

Pretty easy to get there. Sathorn Soi 1. Either via MRT (station Lumphini) or car (parking right next to the restaurant).


The staff didn’t seem to be too attentive and was wearing some strange Christmas themed outfits that were pretty short/tight for a ‘normal’ restaurant. Would have expected that around Nana or Soi Cowboy but not at a highly priced speciality restaurant. They also weren’t very friendly, didn’t even smile when taking order or offered any service that would be worth highlighting. Just doing enough to get by.


Really. Really. Expensive. Even compared with the most famous German restaurant on Sukhumvit (Bei Otto), Ratsstube is even more expensive.

Overall Impression

It was nice to try something new and the size of the dishes was ok, the taste, warmth (yes, that’s important) as well as the staff and overall atmosphere didn’t convince me to come back.

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