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Fitness & Health with Angel Chan: Muscles & Anti-Aging

Ladies & Gents. Fitness freaks and soon to be Arnolds! This post marks the next article by Angel Chan, a very successful Certified Nutritionist, Pilates International master trainer and Pilates/Yoga/Aerial Celebrity Trainer based in Bangkok. She luckily agreed to share some of her experience here with us and I am already looking forward to further posts and findings. If you like what you read shout out in the comments and follow Angel Chan on Instagram and Facebook

Muscles and Anti-aging

In the last article, I mentioned that men have a better metabolism than women because men have more muscle mass, they need more energy to perform the same movement that women do, so they eventually burn more calories on a daily basis. So now you know how important muscles are.

Many people asked me why, when they are turning to the age of 30, they do the same things, eat the same amount of food but they gain weight more easily now compared to when they were 25. The answer is, after 30, we are actually losing around 2% of muscle mass yearly if we do not maintain it by eating right and exercise appropriately, when we lose muscle mass, our metabolism becomes lower, so we burn less calories everyday. Even if we eat the same, do the same things, we are burning less calories than before, gaining weight (body fat) is the result of low metabolism, gaining 1-2 kg per year is quite normal after 30. If you do a calculation, after 10 years, when we are 40, we will gain 10-20kg compared to when we were 30. Does this shock you?

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Don’t worry, of course we can avoid the weight gain if we keep the same muscle mass. Remember I mentioned in last article that 1kg of muscles burn 100 calories more per day, so if we can maintain the muscle mass, we can actually stay at 25 for as long as we wish for.

The earlier we start taking care of ourselves, the better it will be and the longer we look and feel younger.

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Look at Madonna, she is nearly 60 and her body looks like early 30 and she still can be super active in her age now. I know the first thing you are doing now is – find out what Madonna eats and what exercise she does, right? Calm down and sit back, look at the whole picture and understand why Madonna can look as young and as energetic as 25.

If you still think you go out dance at night until 3am gonna help you burn 1000 calories and build some muscles like Madonna, the answer is “NO”.  Because you already past the time of letting your body rest to repair and build muscle and to also create collagen.  From 10pm to 2am is the time that your body needs rest for rejuvenation, muscle repairing.  We need at least 7 hours sleep everyday. Lack of sleep will make our hormones imbalanced, imbalanced hormones are the main factor for losing muscles and weight gain. Again, its the life style change who you are.

Eating right, exercising regularly, resting well is all important for anti-aging. Going for organic food is one of the first things we need to get you on if you want a young looking face. “Healthy food” delivery is very popular now but when I see that there are sausages, fish balls and all those processed food in the menu, I wonder how much the supplier knows what “Healthy Food” stands for!

In summary, life style is the more important part for anti-aging. I will have more information for you in regards of choosing food, exercise tips and some other important knowledge for you to understand more about your body, so that you can always stay young, fit and firm.

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