Fitness & Health with Angel Chan: How to stay on track during the holiday season

Ladies & Gents. Fitness freaks and soon to be Arnolds! This post marks the next article by Angel Chan, a very successful Certified Nutritionist, Pilates International master trainer and Pilates/Yoga/Aerial Celebrity Trainer based in Bangkok. She luckily agreed to share some of her experience here with us and I am already looking forward to further posts and findings. If you like what you read shout out in the comments and follow Angel Chan on Instagram and Facebook!

Stay on Track during holiday seasons

Christmas and New Year are 2 weeks away and I am sure you have all the great plan to celebrate but on the other hand, you are worried about all the efforts you have been made past year will just ruin in the 2 weeks partying seasons.

There are so many excuses you can overindulge during the holiday, there are too much temptations! The best defense against holiday eating disaster is a goof plan of action. There are some tips I will always carry with myself and I find it really help.

Whenever people offer me tempting food options, I will tell them that I am “in training to lead a healthier lifestyle. In my experience, many people seem to take that better than if I were to say “I am on diet.” You can be “in training” for anything, including living a healthier life.

Next one is interesting! “Mentally practice passing up foods that you’ve chosen not to indulge in ahead of time.” I am not asking you to lie to yourself but plan it ahead, so make it easier to actually follow with your plan when the time comes. You’re just re-enacting the scene you’ve already played our in your head many times.

Baking is like a must during Christmas and New year. So when baking quick breads (like zucchini, pumpkin, blueberry, etc) use unsweetened applesauce instead of oil. Using just unsweetened applesauce makes for a very moist bread while cutting out a load of fat and calories.

Use your holiday to distress and do things for your mind and body. Consider away for the holidays to reduce stress. Instead, try getting together as an extended family a few weeks later, pass the holiday craziness has settled down. During your getaway, keep on some mindful workout like yoga and Pilates, they are not just help you to relax your mind, they also keep you on track.

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When you receive gifts of candy and cookies that you know will be too tempting to avoid? Dropping them by a homeless shelter. Give them some warmness and brighten their day with your kindness. This will help you feel good like you are eating those candies and cookies.

You do not need to eat all the food on the table! Say “NO” to the treats you really don’t love so you can say “YES” and enjoy the treats you do! But remember moderate is the key.

There are plenty if things are nice to do to make a holiday special besides eating and getting drunk! Focus on ways to spend quality time with family and friends that don’t include food, such as hiking, go to the temples, pull out some board games, and enjoy some friendly competition and laughs. Get out old pictures, slides and videos of holidays past and enjoy the memories with you loves one. As you are preparing the house for festivities, turn the chores into exercise! Put on your workout clothes to get into workout mode. Crank up the inspirational music and vacuum and clean vigorously fast to get that heart rate up. Not only will you get the cleaning done in record time, but you will also fit in an interval workout as well.

Don’t forget about getting proper sleep and rest amidst your holiday schedule. You know that enough rest will help you to stay on track and felling refreshed can help you enjoy the season more.

Continue to exercise, set goals to track your food and look for other ways to celebrate the holidays that don’t include food. Limit the social obligations to just a few and go full, not hungry. Know yourself and be mindful of landmines that sabotage your efforts towards your goals.

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Your buddies can make you accountable and keep you on track, they offer you support and ideas to stay on track through the holidays. Having others in your life who understand you daily struggles makes a big difference.

Step back, meditate for a while and calm down sometimes, feeling calmer can help you feel more positive and choose the best for yourself.

Let begin the holiday with a healthy and fit body and end the holiday with the same you. There is no excuse and impossible is nothing.

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