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Dating Thai Girls 101

So we had the Intro to Thai girls post, we covered Sin Sod and talked about what to expect when dating Thai girls. However, so far, we didn’t cover what you should do if you actually decide you want to date  Thai girl. Here we go with some advice that will make understanding and dating Thai girls a bit easier. Not trying to stereotype here though of course.

Picking up

So how to pick up a Thai girl? Again it’s not about the girls who are just in it for quick sex with a foreigner or for the money, if you need that, that works just like in every other country. Show off your money and you’ll attract those ladies and ladyboys. Otherwise you need to know that lots of Thais are really uncomfortable talking about things they don’t know. That’s why so many conversations are about the same topics again and again. People just say what they know – and that’s sometimes not to much, especially in English. Lots of people are scared to sound stupid when talking English and hence don’t do it a lot. It’s important to be sympathetic and encourage her without acting like a teacher though. So when you’re out and you like a Thai girl, talk to her. Most girls won’t come to you, it’s still very old school here. Talk to her and she probably won’t run away. And smile! Furthermore don’t come up with any complicated stories – you never know whether or not she understands it.

Teach me na

Lots of girls might find it cute to say ‘you’re my English teacher na’ – but lord I promise you that gets annoying and you won’t ahve to much fun with that. However, in contrary to what I said above, it’s a nice ice breaker. Nevertheless a very stupid one and it will come to bite you in the ass. Lots of (good) girls don’t f…. with their teacher. Remember that. If you don’t listen to me and take the easy teacher way to her pants then good luck with that ;-)

Cute, right?

One thing that you will hear all the time is ‘Narak mai” which means “Cute, right?’ and man you better say “yes, so much” there’s no need to be honest or the tough guy. Sarcasm or irony is nothing people here speak – especially not girls when it comes to their own cuteness.

Tell me, tell me! You miss me, I’m cute, you miss me….

Lots of Thai girls are lots of work. They will text you 24/7 and if you don’t reply within minutes they’re gonna be mad as hell. Furthermore you’re expected to tell them how much you miss them, how cute they are, etc. You think that’s normal? Well take the normal girl from home and multiply it with 536. Then you’re in Thailand. “I look beautiful, right?”.


Drama is everywhere here in Thailand and relationships are made for drama. As mentioned in so many posts before it’s probably because they all watch so many bad soap operas here (are there any good ones actually?) and think they have to act like that. It’s super annoying but you can’t escape it. Huge gestures, lots of words and tragedy.

Money & stuff

Alright. So here’s now that part that leads to many misconceptions. I’m not saying you can buy Thai girls (I mean you can, but, again, that’s what you can do in every country) but showing your affection via monetary goods is quite important. More important than I experienced anywhere else. While it is nice when you invite her to dinner etc….that’s considered normal and doesn’t really count. Girls very often expect “real” gifts rather than romantic gestures. Once again: It’s not all, but lots. This on the other hand makes it quite easy to make up with a girl when you had a fight. Buy something nice and it will be much easier for her to forgive you (depending on what you did of course). Sounds a bit cliche, but yeah, that’s how it still works here many times. Very often it’s not only for her but for her family and friends to see how much her boyfriend loves her. She needs something to show off while you’re not there and money and jewelry and stuff like that simply helps. While we say “it’s just money” they say “wow he spends so much money for her, he must love her” – welcome to the stone age.

You’re always wrong

In case you end up fighting it doesn’t matter if it’s a cultural misunderstanding2, a stupid girly thing or whatever. Just remember one thing: You are always wrong! But that’s nothing new, right? ;-)

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