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  • Maria

    Hi ! May I ask you something, about how you firstly got your job in thailand, I assume you are not a native speaker, are you ? Because i’ve been looking for job offers and they all want a national from english speaking countries, no matter what level of english I have. So can you help with a piece of advice on how to get a job (may be email them personally etc) in unis or schools in thailand, particularly, BKK and what was you first qualification and how you found your job etc. May be do a blog post on that or just answer me directly if you have time. Thanks a lot :)

  • Hi! All my stuff got stolen the other day so I don’t have direct access to a computer right now. I’ll respond as fast as possible to your questions though. Hopefully until Monday. Won’t be forgotten!

  • Conor

    Hi there,

    I have been teaching in Chanthaburi since November and I am really enjoying your blog. I’m looking to start a blog also about fitness and travel (I’m a personal trainer). Have you any advice on how to get started?



  • Hi Conor!

    Thanks for the nice words. Depends on what kind of advice you are looking for. From a technical point of view or more related to writing? I’m running my website on wordpress, have it on an own server and own the domain name If you just need a place to write things I could help you out with a website But if you have any other questions feel free to ask at any time.


  • So here’s the blog post regarding your questions. Hope that helps a bit :-)

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