Concert of a lifetime – Coldplay wows Bangkok

Finally Coldplay has come back to the City of Angels! 14 years after their last performance in Bangkok, Coldplay came back to wow the audience with an amazing show and drawing a record crowd of 60,000 (!) fans to the Rajamangala National Stadium which, let’s be honest, usually only sees rather lackluster football performances. Coldplay is only the 3rd band to ever play in said stadium with One Direction (what?) and Lady Gaga (drawing 30k fans) being the other two music acts to have done that.

I’m not necessarily a Coldplay fanboy but I have liked them ever since they came out with ‘Yellow’ back in the day and listened to it on repeat even though I was highly convinced that “Travis” with “Why does it always rain on me” was a much better band back then and would go on to rule the world. And that’s probably why I don’t work in the music biz. Nevertheless I’ve been enjoying Coldplay a lot but haven’t been too big of a fan of their recent work. It’s all cool but nothing that compares to Viva La Vida or Fix You. I still was very much looking forward to the event and, once I was there (thx to the boat trip!), everything fell into places and life was good.

Coldplay in Bangkok – a review

The turned the music up and put their records on and shut the world outside until the lights came on – and on they came. In terms of pure production value this was probably one of the biggest concerts I attended. Fireworks, confetti rain, beachballs. Coldplay knows how to entertain.

What was pretty impressive wasn’t only the fireworks but also the color wristbands you know from those cool Coldplay concert videos. That’s simply a good idea from their side and makes the audience look even more involved as they would have been anyways.

Once the concert was on its way, the band didn’t hold back. Sometimes concerts start slow and build towards highlights or start fast and then have lots of ‘fillers’ in between but Coldplay stepped on the gas pedal and didn’t slow much down. There were two or three songs that gave everybody a moment to relax and breathe which was good for the band as well as the fans but those songs didn’t take too much time and Coldplay did a great job in managing the audience and keeping the crowd in the game.

When we talk about highlights of the show I would clearly state that all time classics such as Viva La Vida, Paradise, Fix You and The Scientist obviously took the cake. Simply because one has such strong connections to those songs (who didn’t cry with ‘fix you’ or ‘the scientist’ after a break up?). However I have to admit that even the new songs, that I didn’t downlo yet buy online, were pretty awesome live. “Adventure of a lifetime” rocked pretty well, so did “Hymn for the weekend” and “Something Just like this” (and I don’t really like the Chainsmokers). So, well done Coldplay! They lived up to the moniker of being one of the best live bands out there. I’m not sure if I would call it my personal most favorite concert ever, which I read a lot online now, but it was certainly a pretty amazing experience and a great show.

Just like other artists, the band also played with the audience by saying ‘it’s the best audience ever’ – but that always works of course. Chris Martin even said a few Thai words (hello and thank you) but then stated his Thai is terrible and people backstage laughed at him for trying – which I can relate to as Thai is really difficult. So no hard feelings here. He also did a good job addressing the thousands of people who just flew in from other countries simply to see Coldplay. We saw a Chinese fan on the screen asking for the song ‘don’t panic’ to be played and Chris then said he hopes China will allow them one time to come over and play there. I stood in between a lot of fans from Malaysia and Indonesia which led to a truly international experience. Coldplay unites people.

Another pretty nice touch from Coldplay’s side was that the dedicated their song “Everglow” to the late great King of Thailand. Classy move.

The only down point in terms of the concert (don’t get me started on organizational stuff) itself was that the end, in my opinion, was a bit anticlimactic. I’m used to concerts that end with a bang and maybe one or two encores but that doesn’t usually happen here in Asia. I don’t know if Coldplay does lots of encores in other places but here it was like ‘ok, it’s over..’ and it was done. That doesn’t take away from the fact that the two hours prior were awesome and one might even call it magic – I even had goosebumps in between. So thank you for that! Moreover I think Coldplay also enjoyed playing in front of such a huge audience in such a big stadium and seeing the sky full of stars Coldplay fans.

What was your highlight of the concert? Shout out in the comments!

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