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Work Permit & Bank account

Ooohoooo I am an Alien, I’m a legal Alien… After receiving my Working Visa for Thailand just in time, it took some more to get my work permit over here in Udon Thani. A work permit is – surprisingly – something that allows you to work within Thailand. It shows your profession and your employer and you need it in order to receive money on a legal basis. That`s why I went to the Ministry of Employment one week ago, handed them a lot of photos and signed even more…

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Visa: check!

Finally it all worked out. 3 days before the planned take off to Bangkok I finally got my visa. All I had to do was to travel all the way to Munich to see the Thai Consulate, prepare everything, pay 130 bucks and being nice to the wonderful lady who is in charge of the Thai Consulate in Munich. And there we go: The Non Immigrant Visa valid for one year is there. So what did we learn from this? 1.) Even though if the guys in Thailand say they…

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Visa Trouble

First trouble in little Thailand – even before I enter the country… My soon to be employer told me to take care of all visa related stuff. Now, 2 weeks prior to the schedulded departure they told me that i have to take care of those visa stuff myself. Great! Since I am on Tenerife right now, I can not go to the Thai consulate in Frankfurt or the embassy in Berlin. So I tried to settle things with the consulate over here on Tenerife (which is IN the loro…

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