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Living with Depression (in Thailand)

Mental health has become quite a topic over the past few years as we have seen many people suffering from depressive disorder or other mental health issues taking their own lives (last year it was Chester Bennington of Linkin’ Park as most ‘famous’ example). Even though the news talked about it for a while, by now it’s almost all completely forgotten again and nobody seems to care anymore. Here in Thailand old traditional values and thought processes are still being valued and held high and therefore ‘modern’ diseases such as…

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Digital in Southeast Asia & Thailand 2018

Another year, another break down by We Are Social and Hootsuite. An incredibly extensive collection of data and information in regards to the digital usage around the world and, in this regard, Southeast Asia. I’ll try to break it down a bit more in regards to the region and Thailand in particular but all sorts of credit to We Are Social for always coming up with this great collection of data. The break down of the previous year can be found over here: Digital in Southeast Asia & Thailand 2017.  Global…

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Why controversial youtubers are successful in Asia

One of the few things that has always puzzled me since moving to Asia is why ‘controversial’ youtubers or social media icons are so successful. The beginning of 2018 now brought us a case where Asia, and the world, lost their shit over another controversial youtube video by a guy who’s infamous for making ‘controversial’ videos which happened to take place within Asia.And while the outcry was huge and loud, his channel still gained lots of subscribers, many of them from Asia. A little surprisingly Logan Paul is not the…

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How to buy Ethereum, Litecoin, Omise Go, Ripple and more Cryptocurrencies in Thailand

After having published the “How to buy Bitcoin in Thailand” article there were lots of questions coming in in regards to other cryptocurrencies and how to buy them here. In order to answer those questions, here a quick break down of how to buy litecon, ethereum, omise, ripple and more crypto currencies in Thailand.  BX.IN.TH The all in one market place. As mentioned in the bitcoin article, is the platform in Thailand that offers the most currencies. I also found it to be the network with the most competitive…

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8 more of the most unique travel destinations in Thailand – Part 3

This marks the final part of our ‘unique travel destinations in Thailand’ list (part 1 | part 2). Hope you enjoyed all three parts and please do shout out if you got some more cool places on your mind of if you’ve actually been to any of our suggested places. Here we go with part 3! Buriram, Northeast Thailand As someone who spent lots of time in Isaan (Northeastern Thailand) I will always have a soft spot for destinations up there where not many tourists end up. Buriram does earn…

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Off Topic: Chester Bennington, suicide, mental health.

It’s been around three weeks since Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin’ Park, took his own life and became the latest celebrity to fall victim to depression and succumb to suicidal thoughts. Like many others I was shocked when I read the news that morning. I woke up and my newsfeed was full with RIP Chester posts. I think I felt similar to most people my age who, more or less, grew up with Linkin’ Park. I didn’t write anything back then as I didn’t feel like another article that…

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Bo Supavadee Kuanchuan Interview basketball Featured Interview 

Keep the faith! – Interview with Pro Basketball Player Supavadee (Bo) Kunchuan

Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, children of all ages! is proud to bring to you another unique, fun, and enthusiastic interview. This time I sat down with a Pro Basketball player with big dreams. She’s been playing at college in the states before and now is back on her home turf representing Thailand on an international level while also trying to find the right club for a pro career abroad. She’s funny, she’s smart, she’s a straight shooter. She is Supavadee (Bo) Kunchuan! Ready? Set. Let’s go! Before we start I usually…

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Healthy Meal Prep Delivery in Bangkok – Clean Food House Featured Living 

Healthy Meal Prep Delivery in Bangkok – Clean Food House

In my quest to stay healthy and fit I don’t only focus on sports (e.g. Muay Thai, Climbing, Volleyball, Running) but also try to look after my nutrition. Having that said, this last part certainly is the worst of them all. While I can handle getting punched, kicked or hanging from (artificial rocks) I’m really bad at looking after my nutrition. That’s why I decided to try some meal prep services. One of the few choices that popped up when looking for services that don’t only focus on expats and…

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All talk but where’s the action? Conference Overkill in Bangkok

Hey say. Are you going to that event next week? No, not that one, the other one! Even though that one sounds cool too. Or that one the day after and the other one the week after and those others in the following weeks…. The startup scene keeps buzzing and buzzing over here in (Southeast) Asia and Bangkok keeps developing more and more into the hub for all things tech. Sure, Singapore is ‘faster’ and hosts a fair share of ‘cool’ events but Bangkok is not far away and in…

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