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How to buy concert tickets in Thailand [infographic]

With all those cool concerts (e.g. Bruno Mars, Imagine Dragons) being announced for next year I thought it might make sense to have a quick look at the concert ticket purchasing journey here in Thailand. Have a look and let me know if you find yourself in here.

how to buy concert tickets in thailand
how to buy concert tickets in thailand

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  • Phirachash Piyawutiposh

    LOL, love this, it is true that getting the concert ticket is very hard thing to do, not only the price, but it sold out so soon, despite, you wake up early, it does not mean you will get it, you also need to make a wish and pray for it.

  • True. And even if you end up being able to queue on TTM you quite likely end up being number 29394828 in the line :-/

  • Jade Maciag

    I really liked this post ahahha! It is true that getting tickets here is SUPER DIFFICULT! Sometimes tickets availability is even harder to handle than the money you have to pay for them (because you can borrow people :pp). However, I got one ticket for Bruno Mars’ concert!! Yey! Anyways just promoting here : I need to exchange tickets I have one 5500 bahts and a 7500 bahts ticket that I need to exchange because I want to go with my friend and get to be together of course ! :) thank you :)

  • Fin Kasi

    omg this is so true☹️ my friend and i wanted to go to the ed sheeran concert and even though we queued up as early as possible we still didn’t get it😑 and then people resell the tickets for a ridiculous price so yea cant afford that😩 ugh i really i wish i was a celebrity or vip😂😂

  • Wanthida Tiwari

    If this infographic doesn’t sum up my life…I have experienced it and its better to give up right after the site crashes. there is no way that you even have a 0.000000001% hope of getting tickets at a Kpop concert after that. nope!

  • Tanathorn Petawan

    This is very very true! My exchange student friend came to Thailand for a year in Journalism program tried to purchase the ticket for Ed Sheeran but eventually he couldn’t get it. All he could do is just wait for the next time he visit his home town or maybe the near country. I felt so bad for him. Personally I have never been to any concerts since I am not a big fan of being in place where it is extremely crowded.

  • Um Ntrch

    Omg hahahahah that is so true! I mean if we want to go to the concert, yes we will be worried about the budget we have but most importantly is the possibility of getting the ticket. All we have to do is praying and hope that all the good things we’ve done in the past could paid off in some way. On the serious note, I think Thailand needs to find the way to solve this problem, but I don’t know if anyone is willing to.

  • Arinrada Boonarchathong

    LOL, this is so true! It’s really happened to me right now! Last Saturday, I’ve tried so hard to get Bruno Mars’ concert ticket and I realized that I need to be in queue, which is around 500 queues and yeah.. I didn’t get any tickets. #PoorMe I think it will be better in next two days! It is a early ticket system that let you get ticket before other people, I wish I could get tickets for Imagine Dragons concert!! WISH ME LUCK!! :D

  • Saruta Maneepairoj

    Personally I’ve never managed to get a ticket to concert in Thailand. The website always crashes or there’s some error or just everyone else clicked faster than me, the competition is real. I have been to a few concerts which my friend always brought it for me.

  • Sivakamon Jalanchavanapate

    Hilarious infographic HAHAHA! However, I’ll give you the life hack. I always got the nice seat from Thaiticket. Only thing you need is high speed internet above 40 mbps or 50 mbps garuntees. However, for home internet we normally have only 15-35 mbps. So, unfortunately you cannot get the seat that you want or cannot get it at all. So, the place that provide you the high speed internet for 50mbps very easy to find. Which is the internet café. You can find everywhere in Bangkok. You only have to pay 20bath/hour for you to access high speed internet. So, it leave you only the punctuation to click at the first minute that the sell available. Then, you don’t have to lost temper for the crash site cuz you get in first. So, the site gonna crash after that it’s not your problem. Don’t forget to prepare for the user name and the password for the website before you access to the website. And importantly remember that it is the public internet cafe, don’t forget to delete the history or password from the computer that you use cause it contain the your financial info. Easy peasy!

  • Warisa Yuktanantana

    That is the true story of people who really like to go to concert. I never experiences booking a concert. But I have heard that it is so hard to book the ticket especially for the famous band.

  • Trustsaran Jantanop

    From my experience, I have never faced a hard time buying concert tickets because I’m the VIP. just kidding ! I tried buying the Maroon 5 concert ticket but it sold out in seconds! I was very upset, so I just listen to their music on Youtube.

  • Kewpla Kanchanaban

    This is totally true!!! I really like to go to concert and I always have a hard time to buy a ticket. Sometime the ticket is sold out very fast and I was not fast enough to buy it.

  • Booker Vannapruk

    I have been strucked and failed to buy concert ticket for more than 10 times. It is really hard to buy a concert ticket in Thailand. I was very disappointed so for many time I decided to fly to watch concert at Singapore because it is more fare to buying a ticket there and ticket price is pretty close to Thailand.

  • Benjapol Juntharee

    This is so true. It’s hard to get just a single concert ticket. Sometimes, when you want to buy the ticket after all sold out some people who get them sell you at a higher price than the standard one. Esspacially, when the famous band came.

  • Palm Siradanai

    I really really want to go to the concert, but I just ended up crying to the price of the ticket lol But I have saw my friends try to buy the ticket and it is so hard because some of the famous artist concert the ticket could sold out in just 1 minute! It sounds funny but it is true.

  • Diskul Skuldist

    this is ironically true, back in the old day, I used to wake up early and go to the mall and stading and wait in line in front of the mall waiting for the door open, ran into the thai ticket major counter in order to buy some famous band’s ticket, it’s easier these day, however we still aren’t fast enough as always