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Britney Spears Live in Bangkok 2017 – concert review

It happened! She was here! The princess of 2000s pop graced Bangkok with her presence and just put an end to her first out of two concerts in the city of angels.

As I’m not necessarily a huge Britney fanboy I wasn’t all freaked out and psyched up but still rather happy to see a pop icon that somewhat influenced me growing up. With all the trouble Madonna made when she came to BKK we kind of expected Britney to have a similar diva’esque entrance and were already prepared to wait longer but the pop princess started her show almost on the dot – with parts of the arena still empty – and finished after around 90 minutes and one song encore.

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I don’t necessarily want to go too much into each song as that’s up to everybody’s own taste so I keep it short and just add my 2 cents to the performance overall. I liked that I was able to hear lots of the ‘good old’ songs of course, so what was nice. However it’s rather obvious that her concert is more of a dance show than anything else. It’s impressive how often she changes her outfit and how many times the stage changes its setting but that’s it with what impressed.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the songs though. I obviously did. The sound wasn’t that great though unfortunately as it seemed too loud which made it a little less enjoyable. Luckily everybody knows the lyrics to her songs so that we could still sing along.

The ‘breaks’ in between with all the dancers doing some random (cool) stuff is nice as it prevents the show from just stopping.

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My biggest issue of the night was with the audience (and the organizer) though. First off all it’s kind of a shame that a Britney Spears concert isn’t sold out. Maybe you want to consider not charging 11k + for tickets close to the stage for future events so that the area around the stage doesn’t look like wasteland. That looked rather poor. I know this was the additional event and the concert tomorrow is sold out but I still think it doesn’t speak for the organizer that the Impact Arena wasn’t nearly sold out today. After all, it’s Britney, bitch.

The second issue then with the fans: Why do you pay 4k – 10k THB if you then just sit around like you’re in front of a TV screen. Holding up the phones and not interacting at all. Of course I also snap pics and take some videos but I still find time to enjoy the show, move, sing along, etc. Again, from my perspective, it looked rather sad to see so many people just starring at their phone screens instead of enjoying the now and then. Seems like they’re more concerned about what their IG followers think and see than their actual own enjoyment. Next time just watch the FB live stream of one of your friends.

To end on a positive note: The nostalgic value alone was worth going and I would have regretted not seeing her at least once. It’s not on the list of my favorite concerts but still makes a nice memory.

What were your thoughts on the concert?

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