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Bangkok MRT revamps Metro Mall – Now with work places & WiFi

Gone are the days of dark and crappy tunnels that lead you to the subway system. While the MRT here in Bangkok always tried to have a somewhat more pleasant underground area, it mostly failed in transmitting a welcoming feeling due to feeling too sterile. This now all seems to change with the revamping of the MRT Metro Malls in the city of angels.

One can find now friendly colors, fancy layouts, and comfortable chairs, and working spots. You even have some electricity outlets and free wifi for two hours upon signing up. Respect for that, that might get me out of my McDonald’s office more often! ;-)

Have you checked out the new MRT Metro Malls in Bangkok? What do you think about our new ‘happy hub’? 

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  • Prakin Chatteeraphat

    Once I was an intern at the work place near MRT Asok and I need to take the MRT to work every day. With the metro mall, it make me feel more convience because I can just grab the food over there and walk to the work place. Moreover, people that choose the BTS or MRT as their transportation mostly face the toilet problem because there was no toilet at the station. However, metro mall had solve this problem for me though.😂😂 By the way, I was know that there is a free wifi avaliable and the free place to sit or work like the happy hub too.

  • May Chiranakorn

    Since most people in Bangkok tend to use public transportation, MRT became one of the most common and main transportation of city people due to the fact that it is fast, easy and cheap. Therefore, I personally think that it is totally great to have this ‘happy hub’ in metro mall because it will bring more convenience and facilities to us. I will surely go there if I have a chance. Thanks for sharing!❤️

  • Jinjuta Akkharawisutcharoen

    I haven’t known before that Thailand has a mall like this. It is more convenience than before to have the mall in a public transportation. It offers us important services like free wifi, working spots, space for relaxing and so on. The idea like this can make people more likely to use the public transportation. Moreover, it helps the city be less traffic jam also.

  • Song Sathiraboot

    Wow. I didn’t know that there’s a place like this in Thailand before! Haahhahaha. Mostly, I would only transport by BTS or by cars. I’ve tried some MRT before, but I felt that it is very quiet and looks dangerous during the night. However, I think that this place looks great. I will try to visit sometime when I use a public transportation. I think that it will be a good place for me to sit down and chill, waiting for my parents to come and pick me up. Thank you for showing me this place!

  • Benjapol Juntharee

    I guess I have to check this out. Coffee shop won’t get my money for my next assignment. I was always using the BTS and MRT. I saw the mall part very often but never see the working space or using any free wifi. The place looks so nice and clean. This is such a really good news for Bangkok people.

  • Ling Kanyanat

    What’s the name of the staion this MRT Metro Mall locates? I usually take the BTS when going in the city so I haven’t seen this before. It’s quite interesting especially the charging station and wifi. Having my phone running out of battery is the last thing I want. This will probably give convenience and help out a lot of people.

  • Varinthorn Witwarakoon

    Usually I use BST more than MRT but now I thinking of using MRT more!

  • Booker Vannapruk

    I usually use MRT when I was in high school and I believed that I have walk passed the Metro Mall for many times at Sukhumvit station (Asoke) I didn’t recognized in this passed many years it has been developed to become this nice place haha. Thus, I should go back an check it out.

  • Elle Thitakorn

    This is interesting place to check out! I didn’t know about this place until tI found this article. I always use this know of transportation which are BTS and MRT. This is a good news for me. The fact that there is a free wifi avaliable and the free space for siting or working is a nice idea. I am willing to try as soon as possible! :)

  • Mew Sorasesakun

    Even I am not the one who usually use the MRT but it is a good sign to please many workers who has been transporting in the MRT! :D

  • Meena Pechmongkol

    I usaully use MRT but I did not know about happy hab before! I think I will visit someday. That’s very cool

  • Eve Supmee

    Wow, this is very nice as I’m the one who take MRT often when never I’m not using a car. The tunnel sometimes scared me especially at dark when there are few people. But with this new change it might help reduce the scary environment. Also the wifi and workspace are very cool. When I have to wait for my friends, then I can spend time on the internet by watching movie or doing work.

  • Fin Kasi

    I think most people aren’t really aware of the metro “malls” in the MRT but with this new renovation maybe that would change! Looks really nice, especially with the free wifi!

  • Peach Sawangcharoen

    Wow this is very interesting for me tho! It is very cool. I’m so proud that Thailand has developed this far lol. Btw I didn’t know about this before. I always take MRT but normally stop at Ladprao station, didn’t take that far to Sukhumvit. Need to go check once!

  • Phongphaka Lar-ut

    Wow! I think it’s a great development for MRT. I used MRT quite often when I was in high school, and I think it’s dark and super quiet, especially at night. Also, it is good to see that they finally provide restrooms because many transportation systems like BTS and Airport link doesn’t have restrooms for the customers to use. And I’m sure that it will become a new photographing spot for many teenagers soon.

    Thank you for sharing :)

  • Mild Chandhraprasert

    I’m pretty happy that our transportation have improved to be better and better. Even though, I am not the person who use the MRT a lot because my house are not around that area but I would love to go and check this out!!. Free Wi-Fi would be the thing that must have for not only Thai people but good for the tourists who needed the internet to find places and information.

  • Catty Methayanunt

    Interesting!! Actually, I frequency use BTS more than MRT due to the reason that MRT is the underground train which sometimes scared me at night because of the surroundings and few people there. But from now on, I would love to use MRT more often because of the new changing especially the provided comfortable chairs and free wifi! So i can save my money from spending for some coffee shop haha.

  • Dakota Yuwapun

    Wow, I wish they updated the Metro Mall back when I used the metro haha. I have a car now, and I very rarely use public transport anymore. :(

  • Show off! :P #SafeTheEnvironmentUsePublicTransport

  • I think the MRT in Bangkok is probably the least scary subway I’ve ever seen. Super clean, lots of light, always MRT staff around. Nothing to be afraid of :D

  • They also revamp other stations such as Mochit and a few other ‘bigger’ ones, not only Sukhumvit though :)

  • Pichchapak Sukkhe

    OMG! It looks great clean and classy. I am one person who uses MRT and BTS frequently because it’s quite fast and can determine the time. I think this is a good project as we can hang around, use the rest room and grab some food because this is the problems that most of Thai people face while using the MRT or BTS.

  • Sher Chayanit

    This looks really cool. Actually I take BTS more often than MRT, but I think Metro Mall is going to be very useful. I remember that the old version of Metro Mall is quite boring, a little bit dark and quiet. People just walked past it without even looking at the shops. This would also make the atmosphere of MRT stations much better!