Bangkok Flood Survival Kit [infographic]

With more rain announced compiled this handy flood survival kit for you so you know what it takes to survive those terrible flash floods in Bangkok city. You’re welcome. If you have any additions to the list, shout out in the comments! Also feel free to share that infographic with everybody who needs some guidance in order to survive the big city floods.



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  • Fin Kasi

    lollll loving this infographic! however, i think i’d need the rock even if there wasn’t a flood… (oops :P) also, it’s good to have many delivery apps since some places won’t deliver to some areas during heavy rain :(

  • Watsakorn Kaewsaard

    I was stucked on Donmueang Highway during the flood, it was horrible. No one seemed to be moving down the highway. I even told my mom a joke about how much would we tip the pizza guy if he can deliver us up here. I would be down there swimming if the flood wasn’t dirty and filled with floating garbages.

  • Booker Vannapruk

    This is really bad situation :( My home didn’t suffered the flood however, Highway traffic become very horrible. I hope that it will not flood our university again because last time we have to move to studied at Thra Pajan Campus. Hope it will not happen this time,

  • You seem to be the only one understanding this complicated graphic ;-) I’ll gladly accompany and occupy The Rock’s distractions so that he’s got more time for you. See how much I care? ;p spot on with the delivery apps though. Just picked that one as we all know pizza is the best food on the planet.

  • Agreed. If it wasn’t as dirty it wouldn’t be as bad. But the dirt, smell, etc makes it unbearable.

  • Tanutcha Roongroj

    i remember the latest and biggest flood was when i was grade 8, that moment i had to lock my house and move to Pattaya temporarily, when i came back and found that my house was cover with flood water, felt really bad and started to think how much money my family need, to repair my home sweet home:(

  • Beer Suwongwan

    Unfortunately that it occur near my resident. I have to use the other way to go to an places. I think the flood problem should be solved since last biggest flood in Thailand. Also the dirtiness of water is really bad. many garbage and many waste are floating all the way which can lead to a dangerous diseases.

  • Panpan Auraya

    Last heavy flood from rainy season was in 2554. My house was flooded when my family just coming back from Pattaya. Then we have to find to rent the condominium at nearby Krungthonburi BTS station. Flood was very terrible and really created the huge affect to our life. I hope this flood season will be recovered as fast as possible. :(

  • Eve Supmee

    This is very serious problem to Thai people and ecspecially people who live near river like me. Last flood(huge), destroy my house and my family factory and took several month to recover. Hope this time there wil be better management to prevent another mass flood again. Anyway, I think boat is also another kit to use for flood tho haha.

  • Trustsaran Jantanop

    I’m having an idea about selling my car and buy some jet ski so I could drive to 7-11 xD Bangkok new Vanice lol.

  • Jade Maciag

    I like how the “kits” are kind of humorous but it’s something that could really be useful if there was a serious flood! Last time there was a big flood in Thailand, my house was also affected the water level almost reached my living room but not yet. My family,my dog and I had to move into my Dad’s office temporarily. It was quite of an exciting event as I was younger but it was also like as if we left our house :(( Fortunately, nothing bad happened to the house so nowadays I still live there :)

  • Beam Alisa

    This is not a first time that happened. In 2011 my house live near Chao Phraya River that time, I really worry that I will get the effect or not not good luck for me. there was not flood in my place. but Unfortunately my second house got flood badly. And after i hear about flood again in this year. I really worry that it would be like the 5-6 years or not. that time it was a bad time of everyone. people get suffer. but to find the reason why there is flood. In my opinion, I think because of people is the big issues to make a flood happened. And I don’t want any bad thing happen again

  • Shatree Suwanvalaikorn

    I think, in the future, the houses in Bangkok or in the area that has a risk of being flooded may have an empty first floor. Everybody should have boat or some vehicle that can ride on the water. So, when it floods, we will be well prepared of it.

  • Shatree Suwanvalaikorn

    I think, in the future, the houses in Bangkok or in the area that have a chance of being flooded may have an empty first floor. Instead, they should have a space for a boat or a vehicle which can ride on the water. So, when the flood comes, people will be well prepared for it.

  • Benjapol Juntharee

    Last week was really wild and wet. Even the outskirt of Bangkok where my family live, which is Rama2, is full of the flood. The centre of Bangkok traffic is dead due to the flood level that is high enough to go inside the car. If the rain, continue falling, we might really have to take this kit seriously. We might have to use the boat just like we did in 2011. Wish it will not happen.

  • Wanthida Tiwari

    Dark humor. The kit is very useful. I might need to dig out my old rubber tubes from 15 years back though. Though the environmental changes in this world is taken so lightly that it can be used as jokes. Its like nobody really bothers why suddenly it is raining heavier than the previous years. The situation in Thailand however is like a beach, wet on one side and sunny on the other. i live 2 hours away from my university and usually its like I am traveling to a different environmental region. it will be scorching summer heat at my house but raining cats and dogs at my university. someone needs to get up and fix the leak in the environment or Thailand will become the new Venice and we will be traveling boats. or they need to Come up with a inbuilt boat in cars designed specially for Thailand. it will be really hilarious though. also, I wouldn’t mind more of The Rock being around. hehe. just saying.

  • Pokpong Vetchakanjana

    This month Thailand is like a sea I live near soi ARI and the flood is very bad according to my car which is very low so I have to survive through the flood by public transportation.Moreover,I think flood might occured anytime in Bangkok because there are many trash in the drain .So,if we do not solve this problem the flood may continue to occured forever.

  • But ‘that’s the way it is’ and ‘we can’t change that’ and ‘that’s always like that’.

    I also wouldn’t mind The Rock’s colleagues tbh ;)

  • Mix Nuttapol

    My home stays victory monument which is center of bangkok when four to five day ago, there are littile flood which it never occurs and there are a lot of trash while rain. I think that the root trouble of trash is merchants because they always throw the trash to tube. They have to stop this behavior in order to prohibit trash when the flood occurs.

  • Warisa Yuktanantana

    Hahah this is so true. In personal, I hate raining because it is make everything so difficult. This couple weeks in Thailand is like a disaster for some area. Luckily my area did’t get flood. I hope Thailand will solve problem real soon to make this problem go away.

  • Saruta Maneepairoj

    According to the overnight rains that cause massive flooding last week,My house that stay in the Din Daeng area were also flooded.I can’t even go out anywhere on that day!.All of cars had to be parked on the right lane and some could not pass of the road during that day.

  • Sher Chayanit

    I laughed, and then I suddenly feel sad about this. Flood is really a chronic problem here in Bangkok. I live in Ladprao and I have to deal with this flood problem almost everytime it rains. Sometimes it’s not even a heavy rain but there’s still flooding in the street in front of my village anyway. This explains why I really hate raining season. In fact, even in the areas that can be considered “downtown”, we still see severe flooding after heavy rain. I heard the problem is mainly about urban planning, geography, and the large amount of garbage. All of these causes make this problem sounds even harder to be solved.