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ATMs in Thailand

Withdrawing money is pretty easy in Thailand. There are ATMs everywhere. However, like always when going abroad, some fees might apply. That’s normal when traveling.

ATMs in Thailand
ATMs in Thailand
However, when living somewhere you usually set up a bank account in order to handle local banking issues, receive salary, etc…

That’s when the annoying part starts. Setting up a bank account works like in most other countries as well, so no problem here. When using the ATM you’ll might face a problem though. While using the ATM is free with your home bank in your home city, it is not when using it somewhere else. YES, right. You even have to pay for using the ATM of your home bank in another city. And that’s the part that sucks!

I once walked around Chiang Mai in order to find ‘my’ bank (Krung Thai Bank) and when I finally found an ATM of Krung Thai Bank I realized I had to pay the ATM fee anyway. Bullshit. So if you’re away from your hometown it doesn’t matter where you withdraw your money, you gotta pay anyway…

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