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Asian University Rankings – Thailand with 7 Unis in Top 200

Yeah. Boo ya! Thailand comes crashing into the latest Asian University Rankings like a wrecking ba…like a small wrecking…like a basketb…a footb…ok like deflated balloon. But at least! We’re in…the top…200.

Singapore dominates

As expected Singapore and China are on top of the Asia University Rankings. With NTU (Nanyang Technological University) just coming one step behind NUS (National University of Singapore). NTU kept on improving and climbing rankings for years now. Respect. I’m fairly certain one of the reasons is that I gave a lecture there (name drop badaboom) ;-) Peking and Hong Kong then follow on further top spots.

Where is Thailand?

Well. So you don’t say I fool you, here’s a screenshot of the actual ranking. Tada. We’re in the top….200. Now please feel free to add your own comment and let us know what you think about this success.


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  • patiphan suwanprateep

    We feel like our university like CU or TU is the best one but when it come wolrd rank. TU and CU is not really that great. I am sure because I am studying in TU and it’s not really that great like what Thai people would expect.

  • You failed to mention “except new media class” :P I don’t think that it’s only certain classes though but more of a systems issue. In order to compete with the best you need to have good educational systems and foundations.

  • Thanwa Niphatjaroen

    I think they need to take the faculty in to the evaluation because some University are good at some faculty, so I think it is very hard to evaluate which one Is the best, it’s like comparing a beef with a pork in my opinion.

  • Fully agree. They should have a list of best Journalism & Mass Comm faculties for example. Right after our exams! ;-)

  • Eve Supmee

    I think the reason that China and Singapore are on the top of Asia University ranking is that they have more universal student and better English skill than overall Thai University. But I think, ranking is not only one way to judge whether the University is good or not because there are also many students that very intelligent from studying in that specific university too.

  • Ananda Chuensomsong

    To be reasonably honest, this doesn’t surprise me. The ranking of education does not lie. It shows the condition of the country where that institution is located. By looking from this rank where Singapore and China are above Thailand truly shows that Singapore and China are more developed and so many ways than Thailand(Economically,politically, and of course the ability of the education system). To keep this short, the better the country, the better the education system.

  • Non Kasipat

    I don’t feel any surprise about China and Singapore at all. Even Singapore is a small country, actually smaller than Thailand. However, the education system of Singapore is so advance ,i have seen it from some website. Moreover, the educational system depends on the quality of people who study.