Ao Nang – Krabi – doorway to happy place

When planning a trip down south towards the beach chances are high one comes along the name Krabi. And rightfully though. Krabi is one of the most beautiful places in all of Thailand – especially when you know where to go.

The first impression of Krabi, however, might not be that awesome per se since you quite likely have to pass the gate to your soon to be happy place. The name of that gate “Ao Nang“.

Ao Nang Beach
Ao Nang Beach (Photo credit: kudumomo)

Don’t get me wrong though. It’s not as if Ao Nang would be a terrible place to stay at. Not at all! Ao Nang does have some cool spots at the beach, cool cafes, etc. and therefore is far away from being anything like Pattaya for example. Ao Nang is simply a typical tourist town and you can feel it everywhere you go. A little bit of Costa Del Sol or Costa Brava style translated into Thai. If you don’t mind that or are able to ignore it then Ao Nang is more than just a decent location. If you are looking for a bit more though, a bit more quiet time for example then Ao Nang is, as mentioned above, the doorway to happiness as it is the place where longtail boats take off in order to bring you to famous Railey Beach (and nicer places if you want).

For those of you who now can’t wait to hit Ao Nang or charter one of those longtail boats: Ao Nang is easily accessible from the Krabi Airport via bus (always leaves after tourist bombers arrived) – make sure you don’t get talked into buying strange “packages” at the ‘tourist information’ and simply insist on going down to the beach. You’ll find everything from there on.

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