angels & demons – 7-eleven in Thailand


You are never alone in Thailand. No matter how late, how far away or how drunk you are. Somewhere in the middle of the night there is always the bright and shining light of your shadow, your girlfriend (or boyfriend) that is always at your side. The one and only 7-eleven convenience store.


7-eleven in thailand

7-eleven is a convenience store chain that is quite famous in other countries as well. The USA and Australia for example have made it very famous. But compared to Australia, where I first met 7-eleven, Thailand is a completely different league. The amount of 7-elevens is almost rediculous. In bigger cities there are usually not more than 1 or 2 km (and that’s a lot already) in between two shops. Regarding to official 7-eleven statements the operate almost 4.000 shops in Thailand. In my oppinion that’s understatement – I have the feeling that there are almost 4.000 shops in Bangkok itself 😉

Angel & Demon

It is obviously nice and convenient to have a 7-eleven around every corner. As mentioned before, you are never alone and always have somebody to talk to (at least the 7-staff I met so far is quite entertaining – especially at nights) and you will always see a light in the middle of the dark night. Feels safe somehow.

On the other hand those stores are demons! The pure evil. You go there in order to “just buy something to drink” and will end up with chips, sweets and other stuff at the counter. Furthermore you will follow every slight need. When you are at home and you feel a light lust for some sweets you might have said “no” when there simply was no supermarket close to your home or open at night. But thanks to 7-eleven you do not have to say no. 7-eleven is always there and you can always follow your lust.

One of my friends in Thailand calls 7-eleven your Boyfriend or Girlfriend. You partner – but your bitchy partner. always there for you but also open for everybody else and always after your money…I think that’s quite a good metaphor 😉


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