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7 more of the most unique travel destinations in Thailand – Part 2

Here we go with part 2 of our ‘most unique travel destinations in Thailand’ coverage. Make sure to also check part 1 with further cool destinations in Thailand!

Koh Panak – Shh, secrets!

Koh Panak is not really famous, one could say it’s a ‘secret’ that, be ready to get wow’ed, also has its own secrets. It is home to some cool hidden caves and lakes with some really nice limestone landscape to top it off. In order to access some of the beaches you have to climb or kayak there which increases the feeling of being on an adventure even more!

It’s a bit sad that one can’t stay on the island but when taking a boat or a private tour it’s still possible to spend some quality time there.

Phanom Rung – Khmer ruins

Everybody knows Angkor Wat, not many know Phanom Rung. Admittedly Phanom Rung isn’t as big as Angkor but it does have its own Khmer charm.

Once you’re there you can explore Buddhist and Hindu architecture as Phanom Rung was converted from Hindu to Shiva to Buddhist temple. Reminds of something (*cough* Ankgor Wat *cough*), doesn’t it?

Locals say that on 13th April each year you can see something magical as the sun shines through all 15 portals of the main temple which makes the whole experience rather mystical.

Loei – Hipster heaven

I’m making lots of fun of hipsters these days but Loei actually is a ‘cool’ hipster town + it tries to be rather eco friendly. Loei is located in the Northeast and you might have seen pictures of its Phi Ta Khon festival where people spot crazy masks. That’s about it on a yearly basis so if you end up in Loei you might not see much more – which is exactly why you should go there. Just relax, breathe in the fresh air and find to yourself.

Laos isn’t far away and thanks to being a bit higher up the mountain views (the real ones, not the Google one) are rather cool (literally). If you’re around you should also visit Phu Kradung and enjoy the view of the mighty Mekong river.

Koh Yao Noi – Luxury getaway

It’s kind of weird that Koh Yao Noi isn’t thaaaat famous as it’s rather close to Phuket. 30 minutes by boat to be precise. Situated within stunning Phang Nga Bay (google it and be amazed) it’s perfect for a romantic getaway.

The idyllic atmosphere has its price though. Most resorts are rather upscale which leads to a more or less non-existent party scene. So you get what you pay for – quite quality time. Para Para Paradise.

Lampang – the North to remember

Lots of my Thai friends told me not to include Lampang in this list ’cause it’s ‘boring’.  It’s probably most famous for being on the way to Chiang Mai but it does have its own charm and sights! It is pretty laid back, relaxed and boasts quite a few really nice riverside bars and restaurants. It was also the only time I saw horse carriages in Thailand.

Moreover Lampang hosts the Thailand Elephant Conservation Centre where you can see happy Elephants in their natural environment without being treated badly.

Phetchabun – more Northern beauty

They say don’t go chasing waterfalls – in Petchabun however, that is very much ok. Lots of rivers, mountains, waterfalls. Lots of nature to see + two big national parks. You can even see wild elephants in one of them (Khao Kho), just like golden cats, mouse deer and more. Nam Nao, the other national park, is said to house tigers, leopards and black bears. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Nan – North Thailand

Nan is pretty far away from lots of other destinations. Nevertheless it could definitely be worth traveling there, especially when you’re into trekking. Trekking plus visits to the hill tribes are popular activities in Nan as well as looking over endless rice paddies and fruit forests. Hashtag slowlife, hashtag chill.

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  • Sivakamon Jalanchavanapate

    When I read this article the one word that always come up on my mind only ‘Wow’ and just ‘Wow’ and more wowing. I have been to many places on this article. We share the same style of travel. I like to go on adventure, go father to the secret places and meet with the spectacular destinations! I love to travel to the place that not crowded. Also, the eco-friendly is the most important for the sustainable tourism. My family usually go on the trip the same as you mention above. Thank you to share us the interesting experiences! Eventually, all those places that you mention above giving me the feeling of nostalgia to me. :-)

  • Opal Tresukosol

    Thank you for sharing!. I love travelling around especially in incredible places that are not crowed or some secret places with nature beauty inside. This review makes me felt exciting, it’s shows some amazing places that I never heard of it before which is great and also easy to travel. Thank you for giving me a cool idea for vacation with my family and friends in the next trip on holiday. ;)

  • Meena Pechmongkol

    In Personally, I love to tralvel in Thailand with my freind. We went to many provinces. We have same though which is we will travel around Thailand. Nan is the last place that we went to I really like Nan because it is small town. We can bike to go around the downtown and the nature is beautiful also it is proper for us because we love slow life lol. When i read the article i feel that I must talk to my friend to go to Panomrung, Loei, And Koh Panak. I never know about that place before i read this blog. And i when i read i feel that It true that lots of people say that amazing Thailand.

  • I hope you will share your experiences afterwards with us! :)

  • Those are some pretty cool places! Let us know how you liked it, if you end up going there :)

  • Thanks for the comment and nice to bring up the sustainable tourism!
    I hope that’s something we will see more of here in the future.

  • Supasita Pittayathikhun

    After I read this article, I have realized that there are so many places in Thailand that I’m still don’t know about. The places that you have shared us in this article is just like unseen Thailand to me. It’s kind of embaressment that I’m Thai yet I don’t know much place to travel in Thailand. Hahaha. Thank you for letting me know these place. I hope to travel there once in my life with my friends and my family.

  • I hope you can make it to some of those places and let us know how you liked it :)

  • Natcha Lohasawad

    After going through this, I just realised that those 7 travel destinations are the place that I have never been there before. I would say that I only went to not many places in Thailand for the past 19 years since I can remember things. This article help me discover new places that I could go there for vacation with my family. Thank you for sharing!

  • Time to go! And blog about it! :D

  • Arinrada Boonarchathong

    I need to tell you first that I love to travel, my goal is traveling around the world. After I read this blog, I think I maybe change my mind to travel in Thailand since I never been to all 7 places you mentioned at all. Those destinations will be on my checklist for sure! I think it’s time to travel in Thailand before going oversea :D If I have a plan to go there, I will write a blog about it and let you know immediately!

  • Ha I hope you will do that! :)

  • Arinrada Boonarchathong

    Of course, I will :D

  • Mix Nuttapol

    Whenever I have freetime, I love to travel. In this summer, I want to find some places to relax with my friends which your destination is very interesting. I will bring this article to sharing and introducing with my friend. So, thanks for information.