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7 Famous Muay Thai Fighters and their Game of Thrones characters

This is the follow up to MMA characters and their GOT characters and fits into our GOT series of posts rather well (check: How Game Of Thrones characters would fare in Thailand). It’s a bit more difficult with Muay Thai characters than with MMA fighters though as there is no real Nak Muay that fits the role of a mean villain. Nevertheless, let’s dive into the GOT Nak Muay Style

Buakaw – Jon Snow

buakaw - jon snow
Buakaw – Jon Snow

Obviously Thailand’s Muay Thai superstar number one and hero of the Thai people needs to fill the role of the GOT hero here. Just like Jon Snow Buakaw isn’t universally loved (as always with fighters) but when it comes down to it, he can unite people behind him and goes into battle for his people who will not stop supporting him until he has won.

Saenchai – Jaqen H’ghar

saenchai-Jaqen H’ghar
Saenchai – Jaqen H’ghar

This might surprise you a bit. Why didn’t Saenchai get the role of a ‘bigger’ character. The answer is simple: Just like the faceless man Jaqen H’ghar, Saenchai is an amazingly well trained ‘killer’ that surprise his opponents with quick moves which are often too fast to be seen coming. He is the ultimate assassin and hence fits the role of  Jaqen H’ghar perfectly.

Singdam – Bronn

singdam - bronn
Singdam – Bronn

Did you see that one coming? For me, it was obvious. Bronn is one of the most skilled fighters in Game Of Thrones but isn’t always in the limelight. He has the ability to, on a good day, take everybody down but still doesn’t get the recognition such as Jamie Lannister or Jon Snow. Nevertheless everybody is happy to have him at his side when it comes to battle.

Superbon – Daario Naharis

superbon - Daario Naharis
Superbon Banchamek – Daario Naharis

If you haven’t heard of Superbon yet, you certainly missed something. He’s the up and coming star out of Buakaw’s Banchamek gym and not only fights well, but also wows his female fanbase. Hence the similarity to Daario Naharis. They are young, they are great fighters and have a certain effect on women.

John Wayne Parr – Jorah Mormont

jwp - Jorah Mormont
John Wayne Parr – Jorah Mormont

Without being offensive to JWP (who we interviewed here: Interview with John Wayne Parr) but he kind of fits the role of Jorah Mormont quite well. He’s not the youngest fighter out there anymore (don’t hit me, JWP), but still kicks ass. A lot. He also got something weird on his arm (kidding, love the new tattoo!) and always has something to say. He’s the kind of guy you want as advisor, trainer and, when the going gets tough, fighting by your side.

Iman Barlow – Sansa Stark

iman barlow - sansa stark
Iman Barlow – Sansa Stark

Both of those strong women do not only spot a similar hairstyle but also have in common that they are both still rather young but also taking on heavy opponents and tough decisions. They both grew up fighting (Muay Thai or battles in Westeros) and became stronger women due to it. While Sansa yet has to kill someone (writing this before season 7 starts) Iman Barlow’s monicker “Pretty Killer” could also fit her.

Zaza Sor Aree – Daenerys Targaryen

Zaza – Daenerys

Just like the role of Jon Snow, this one is rather obvious. Both of them are not only great looking but also have lots of success going into battle. Either as multi time Muay Thai champion or Khaleesi and mother of dragons. I would love to see Zaza Sor Aree fight in a mother of the dragons outfit next time around by the way. Also both of them have lost fights in the past but only came back stronger to pursue their goals moving forward in life.

What do you think about those comparisons? Who’s your favorite pair? Shout out in the comments!

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