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5 low calorie products at 7-11 | My-Thai.org x Cindy

We continue our featured vlog series this week. This time with Cindy who shows you a few low calorie products from 7-11. And now don’t act like you never end up at 7-11 to buy some food, we all know it happens rather often than not so be happy about the list below and take it to heart next time you hear favorite doorbell ring when hunger strikes.

Sascha Funk

Founder / Editor at My-Thai.org
Sascha is the publisher of my-thai.org and switched from an online marketing agency life in Europe to a teaching and education life in Thailand. He also writes about Teaching & Technology.

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  • Prakin Chatteeraphat

    This is very useful information for a person who is on diet or trying to build up the muscle. We as the student who live at the dormitory can not deny that some time we feel lazy to cook or lazy to go to the restaurant for a meal. Therefore we end up eating the convenience food from a convenience store like 7-11 so why don’t we end something that eat good for our health and convenience too. By the way, nice collaboration between my-thai and vlogger.

  • Right? I like those vlogs too. I hope she keeps going even after that semester ;-)

  • Ginni Kiatfuengfoo

    Since we are university students and 7-11 is kind of our best friend, I think this vlog contains such a good information and new selective way of what we could eat in 7-11 that would be very beneficial for anyone who want to lose their weight or anyone who want to eat healthier but still convenient. We can see that 7-11 also have these kind of food that not only ready too eat and have low calorie but also nutritious!

  • Tanapa Pongpilasarn

    As I live in the dormitory, this is such a beneficial information not only for me, but also for others especially university students. We all have only few time for having lunch as the lunch break is only 1 hour and most of the restaurants are very crowded. So 7/11 might be the best solution to find something to eat during the break. So the low calories products such as chicken breast, bananas or soy milk are a good idea!

  • Tanutcha Roongroj

    very useful for me and for those who want to lose some weight. But only eat less will never enough! to be healthy you have to try exercising too! and it feels good after you workout.

  • Non Kasipat

    This is such a helpful for people who are getting a obesity or trying to lose the weight. However, as my experience, only eating low calories cannot let you have a good body anyway. We have to exercise along with these kind of foods

  • Ornvipa Assavanig

    This vlog is very useful because after I went back from Japan then my weight is increase so I want to get some diet. This vlog provide some tips and food in 7-11 mart that have a low callories and gove high nutrition.Subsequently, this really convenience and good for us.

  • Jade Maciag

    Nice video! As we’re all food lovers, sometimes getting diets are crucial ahaha. Now when I’m hungry and on a diet I would know what to pick without regreting afterwards. By the way, the frozen foods or snacks in convenience stores are not so nutritional so it is also important to eat “real” meals too. (But of course lazyness takes the lead most times ) :p

  • Overall i would say that not eating food from 7-11 is the best diet advice though ;-)

  • Vincent Wu

    I am not a picky man. When I go to the convenient store, I just grab the familiar one or stuff from TV advertisements. Some of them is good for you but some are not. Thus, this video was made for me who is very bored of choices in the shop. There are a huge number of foods to pick from the shop. Even for the laziest person, I also want a healthy lifestyle which can easily have in 7-11.

  • Beer Suwongwan

    I love this article! The most difficult question is what are we going to eat? Moreover in the night we would not want more calories. So for the diet even it is hard. I finally know what to try out in the middle of the night.

  • Jamie Chowpradith

    Good post! I would have to say that getting healthy foods from 7-11 is one of the easiest way to keep your diet going! However, in a long run, warming foods with microwave might not be as healthy as you think it is. But, since we’re students who live in a dormitory, microwave is “a must.” Keep in mind that some of the foods in 7-11 are not fresh and sometimes, they put some chemical materials in there in order to keep the foods look nice. If you really want to get into a healthy lifestyle, don’t stick to these foods too much. Anyways, thank you! Nice video!

  • Cb Work

    There are many foods in this convenience store which I really this video because when I go to this, I always cannot think to buy what. This video really help me when I am hungry and it will not make me fat :)

  • Trustsaran Jantanop

    I love shopping at seven eleven! I am trying to diet, so all these items would be helpful. I have never tried the yogurt, but I will go and buy it tomorrow for breakfast! Thank you for the awesome video.

  • Jinjuta Akkharawisutcharoen

    Like this blog! It is very useful for people who are on diet. Some people may think that 7-11 is like a fat trap that provides us endless amounts of hot dogs, donuts or snacks. But now, this store also gives us healthy foods or snacks. So, it’s very easy and convenient to eat healthy. However, at the convenient store, some low-calorie foods may appear healthy because they are low in fat, but these same foods may be high in sodium. So, look carefully!

  • Eve Supmee

    Chicken Breast and Yogurt is my favorite one. Especially, pepper flavor it taste very good when you eat it, it feel like there is a herb inside. I also like to eat yogurt everyday in the evening cuz it’s give me a fresh feeling and healthy. I also eat banana in the morning whenever I’m in a hurry but haven’t had food yet. I have never tried the rest, I’ll try it next time.

  • Ryu Kangsachit

    Thanks to Cindy and My-Thai, this vlog help me a lot for who is getting diet now and don’t know what to eat amd what is good for us, the convenience store don’t have much things that good for our health.

  • Song Sathiraboot

    This video is very helpful to me! I was trying to go on diet, but I failed most of the times… Choosing foods in seven eleven isn’t easy when it comes to ‘healthy food.’ There are many ‘delicious’ food out there that always distracted me.. I will have a try on these!

  • Palm Siradanai

    7-11 is like my favorite convenience store. I think chicken breast is very delicious for me, and also very healthy. But this chicken breast kinda a little expensive for me, it cost about 40 baht. I think people could choose their own way, but this way, people could got the healthy food easily.

  • Moné Pusanisa

    This is interesting ! another collabs. Plus this content is really help me to spend less time standing in front of the 7/11 fridge i mean the showcase of food and instantly picking those stuff Cinder present in the video. Moreover those is a healthy choice.

  • Kana Matsushita

    7-11 might be one of the most used store by university students not only in Thailand, but also in Japan. My university back home in Japan also has the 7-11 inside of the campus, and a lot of girls get a lunch or other food there because there have bunch of low-calories food. However, at 7-11 in Thailand, I doubt that the food labeled as “low fat” or “low calories” are really “low fat” or “low calories”. When I tried 0% fat yogurt which I got at 7-11, it was still too sweet for me. Since most of drinks here are got super or some sweetness, low fat food are still not “low fat”.
    So..I still wonder they are really good for people being on a diet.

  • Mild Chandhraprasert

    I just know that 7-11 have a healthy food with low calories this much. It’s the time that people should care about their health and started to take care of yourself. However, the real-cook food would still the best aren’t you agree?. Also, don’t forget to exercise regularly.

  • collabs rule! But Cinder? :o

  • honestly i don’t think there are many delicious choices at 711. neither too many healthy ones – however most of them are obviously convenient. if that video helps to have less unhealthy choices, that’s a good thing :)

  • Good point. I completely got rid of my microwave simply to avoid sticking to microwaved food. Obviously we can’t always avoid 7-11 food but, if possible, it should be the last resort only.

  • Moné Pusanisa

    ohhh sorry my bad ;( and that might be the autocorrect stuff apple keep doing to you.

  • Opal Tresukosol

    Interesting!! this vlog is very useful for me and people who want to lose weight or try to find healthy food which is hard to find these day :( . I never knew that 7-11 have many healthy foods that look tasty like this before, so thank you for sharing such a helpful information, it will absolutely benefit to many people :).

  • Chanidapa Smt

    7-11 always contains many kind of foods in affordable price. Some people find out for clean food(that might quite expensive price) to control their weight. However, this might be better choice cause you just control your weight by controlling your calories per day! So you can diet and dont lose too much money for something irrational price..

  • Catty Methayanunt

    Great video! this is really helpful for university students and even people who live in dormitory because we don’t have much time to cook by ourselves and the university’s canteen always full of people. So 7-11 would be the best choice for us because it is fast and connivence along together with affordable pice.

  • Peach Sawangcharoen

    Hmmm me, trying to diet for such a very long time. But got distract very easy tho! I am another one who love shopping at 7-11 because it easy and convenience. Thanks for sharing this thing for us. I promise, I will try my best and we will get healthy together hahahaha.

  • Pichchapak Sukkhe

    This is a great vlog as I am living in dormitory near 7-11. It’s very useful for me because I’m a sport man and sometime I don’t have enough time to find a nutritious food for my body. So, 7-11 is the best choice. But, as we know frozen food has too much of sodium which can lead to obesity because it make you so fat. This vlog would help me to choose what is the best choice in 7-11. Thanks Cindy

  • Beam Palakarn

    well this video is definitely helpful to me, to be honest. I’m kind of a guy who didn’t care about the calories or how much protein that contained on what I’m eating. Now I’m getting fat and that’s not a good sign for my health. Since she present about the food on 7/11, which is easy for me to grab some snack, I’ll try those goods for sure!

  • Kimkreme Asawa

    Woww, this video have done well in editing and recommending. For those who like to eat healthy food in a low calories would difinitely love it for sure because it easy to find 7-11 like wherever you go so couldn’t find a good food wouldn’t be an excuse anymore. Thx you Cindy for sharing and doing such a good content!